Monochrome Madness Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again, and so this is my image for the Monochrome Madness on Leanne Cole’s blog this week. DAJULsuej2Some of you who have read my posts before might know that I really enjoy the work of photographer Kees Terberg. Kees, is a French photographer that I ‘met’ in a FB group set up for those who wished to photograph a photo every day. Sadly I failed in that, but made a few friends before doing so. (It’s worth checking out Kees’ site not just because of the photography but because he has the most gorgeous music playing. I have it playing in the background. lol)
Kees specialises in beige/blue work (and fairies) and kindly talked me through altering some of my own photos in the beige/blue style many years ago.
The photo above is also few years old and was taken in the kitchen of my in-laws home on a rather cold winter’s day using only natural light and playing with the white balance on my camera. The photo lent itself to the beige/blue technique.

You can probably tell that I enjoy experimenting in Photoshop and seeing what I come up with. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this week’s offering.


24 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness Wednesday

  1. Beautiful image. Soft and delicate. You might like the work of an Australian photographer Beverley Veasey. She over exposes the whole image giving it a soft ethereal feel. Animals mainly.


  2. I have been thinking about photography and post processing. It might just allow me to play and not follow such strict rules all the time. I need to make some art. Great photo Sue.


      1. I’m catching on all my “what I put off for who knows how long–remnants of depression”. I will, I am planning more each day. However, it’s the creativity of Photoshop, that I have kept my “rules”. I think it’s the best way to learn to let go of that. Besides, I will always have the original. 😀


  3. Once again my ‘like’ didn’t show. This is the 3rd time I’ve noticed this today on different peoples’ blogs. GRRR! I don’t like this actually…I LOVE IT! haha. Seriously amazing photo!


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