Seeing the world through amber-coloured glasses

When I had my prescription updated on my glasses, I also took the time to update my sunglasses. When I am outside I use sunglasses most of the time so they have to be a good pair and comfortable to wear.
It’s always hard to find sunglasses to suit my face but this time I found a pair that I liked. Unfortunately they were at the top end of the price range I was willing to pay and would cost even more once the prescription had been applied to them as well but I got them anyway. The beauty is that I can just change the lenses when I need to.
However, it’s only been in the past week or so that I have really begun taking notice of just how much these sunglasses affect my view of the world.

These are what my glasses look like (although this photo was found courtesy of Google). As you can see the lenses are quite amber.
Living in the climate that I do, there is an abundance of browns in the landscape right now due to lack of rain and grasses and trees being burned by frost. Rather than seeing this as sad and desolate, these glasses are transforming my life by changing the way that I view it.
Yesterday, I marvelled at the gorgeous hues of the trees lining the highway on my way back home from visiting my parents. When I took my glasses off, the trees were withered and brown. When I put my glasses back on, there was greater contrast and a tinge of red.
I watched the setting sun dance over crops and was blessed by the beauty I saw. Without my glasses, the effect was gone.
Finally, as we neared home, we passed a dam. At one point, the water butts up to the road. The setting sun hit the dead trees within the dam casting them and their reflections in a golden glow. The GG offered to stop so I could take a photo but I knew that the photo would not turn out anything like what I was seeing through my sunglasses so I chose not to.
In hindsight, maybe I should have and then tried to replicate what I had seen through the wonders of Photoshop but I’m not sure it would have worked.

Over the next week or so, I will be wearing my sunglasses a lot more than my usual glasses as we are road tripping. I will be able to gaze in wonder at the beauty of the country side through my amber filtered eyes. The filtered eyes that see the contrasts and adds such depth to the wonder of nature. I’m looking forward to doing this.
I’ve been looking at filters that I might be able to purchase for my camera to reflect what I see but short of photographing through my sunglasses, there is nothing that can replicate exactly what I enjoy.

Apart from the obvious photography slant on this post, I began thinking about the different ‘glasses’ or ‘goggles’ that we wear in life that colour how we see it.
I have read about (and experienced first hand) ‘depression goggles’. They’re the ones that put a shade of black or grey over everything you see. They sap the colour and joy from life. Not fun glasses to wear at all.

Then there are the ‘rose coloured glasses’ that many wear. You know the ones that make the world a bright and happy place. These glasses are the polar opposite to the ones in the previous paragraph. Unfortunately they are like my amber glasses and they don’t represent life as it really is.

Whilst my amber glasses don’t reflect what the eyes in their natural state see, they do enhance the beauty of what is around me and help me to see things in a different way. That has got to be a good thing right?
When I am wearing my glasses I am appreciating the beauty of landscape and I am grateful.
And when it comes down to it. Gratitude is always a good thing.


36 thoughts on “Seeing the world through amber-coloured glasses

    1. Ha ha. I actually tried taking a photo through them this afternoon. It looks ok on the LCD screen but won’t know how it really turned put until I get home and put it up on the computer screen.


  1. Ahhh…you pointed out something I’ve experienced but never articulated. I love how you notice the world looks prettier through your amber glasses. I’ve found the same thing here because California is “The Golden State” which means it’s boring brown in the summer. When I put my sun glasses on, I also notice beautiful hues. Thank you for mentioning that here. I’m going out in a bit and I”ll take more notice!


  2. I laughed reading this post how glasses change perspective. I broke my real glasses before we left Munich. Determined not to buy an expensive pair I have resorted to wearing a pair of ‘Italian colours ‘ glasses ( left over from the soccer comp I’m guessing lol ) I had bought to wear as a joke when I’m back at school on playground duty. I can only hope I pick up a reasonably priced ‘regular ‘ pair soon. They do t change the colours of the world much to me but they might give a different perspective to those looking at me while I wear them.


  3. An interesting concept of taking the picture then adjusting in photoshop Sue.
    Then again it must be possible to get camera lens that already do that.
    I used to use polaroid glasses when trout fishing, they actually remove the glare, I was able to see into the depths of the water and see the fish.


    1. In this case Ian, there are no amber lenses with a polaroid tint. I did take some photos through my glasses when I was away. I will do a blog post on them at some stage.


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