Journal prompt – T-Shirts

In my quest to schedule a gazillion posts for you all, I decided to ask my friend Mr Google for a writing prompt. For something different, I went to the images and hovered my mouse over the page before clicking on one. Kind of like a lucky dip only on a monitor lol
So this is what I came up with. This prompt is a bit of fun. And we could all use a little fun right?

So in the cause of a bit of fun, my blog post today is in no way serious.
But don’t think you’ve got off easy my dear readers because I also want you to answer the question in your comments.

So here is my answer.
If I had to wear a t-shirt, it would be based on comfort. It would be one that I could wear under clothes or wear something underneath.
It wouldn’t have a slogan on it because that limits what pants or skirts you can pair it with. Of course if it had a slogan, you could hide it under a loose fitting top or something else but I’m not much of a slogan type of girl so for the purpose of this exercise, my t-shirt would not have a slogan at all.
And it would be purple.
Why purple?
Because I love the colour. Because it is a rich colour and can be quite vibrant.
Purple is a spiritual colour to me.
And – it suits my complexion! (Or so I’ve been told).
I guess they are all adequate enough reasons.
The t-shirt would need to have a square or scooped neck (to suit my figure and because Trinny and Susannah tell me that this is what I should wear) and it would have cap sleeves. I don’t do longer sleeves that well.
It wouldn’t be close fitting but allow a little room for movement. (I don’t need to show the world that I carry the spare tyres for our car).

This one looks like something I would wear

So to answer the questions above:
I would wear a purple, cap sleeved, scoop necked, comfortable t-shirt. 🙂

Now, tell me about yours.

19 thoughts on “Journal prompt – T-Shirts

  1. I would wear my short sleeve grey Sound of the South Percussion T-shirt because Andrew has lost his and he is going to be home for a few days while H and I are out of town – sure hope mine is still in my drawer when I get home! Lol!


  2. I would wear a T-shirt without arms and in comfortable material, maybe silk, not too close to my body, I love to breath and I agree with you here about the color Sue. My favorit color is also purple in several nuances.
    Nice prompt Sue 😀


  3. Mine would be white, because I hate heat, I exude energy, and white goes with everything. Half of my closet is white! But I think given how much I’d wear it, it would need to be tailored to me. Made of Organic Cotton, but double-woven for durability. Looser, longer sleeves, hip-length, fairly fitted, crew neck. I don’t do slogans, either.


  4. White for me, too, the most luxurious of fine cotton. Loose fitting, one tiny splash of colour, short sleeves. Definitely no slogans, less is more!


  5. Black and comfortable of organic cotton. Or purple and green paisley. Hip length and overall shape would probably be more important than color, mainly because now I’m thinking a white t shirt that would always stay white would be lovely. In the summer I seem to like to wear blue more. Phew! I don’t actually have to commit! Fun prompt!


  6. So with you about not having a slogan. Same reason I could never be happy with the same tattoo all my life, keep changing my mind. And that isn’t a bad thing, according to Malcolm Gladwell! 🙂


  7. I would proudly don one of my Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVlll Champs. Navy blue with neon lime green lettering. Short sleeve, hip length.


  8. My shirt already exists.It’s a vivid colour,with shiny big flowers on it.I love summer,both as a season and a state of mind.


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