Through my Lens – Forbes and Parkes

As you read this, I have probably already driven through these towns once again on our current road trip however these photos were taken about four years ago.
Following on from last Sunday, we left Cowra after being at the gardens and travelled north. As we drove on, the rain cleared and the skies became sunny and the weather a little warmer.
Tummies rumbling, we decided that when we reached the next town (that happened to be Forbes) we would look for somewhere to eat.
IMG_5327-copyWe spotted something going on at the local park so decided to pull up and have a look around. We had come through town right in time for their Ben Hall Festival. Ben Hall was a bushranger in the late 1800’s and his territory was around Forbes. His grave is in the town itself. There were demonstrations of whip cracking, pistol shooting and bush dancing. Many of the locals had dressed in period costume. It was a great break for us and we enjoyed sitting on a hay bale in the warm sunshine and eating a hamburger cooked by one of the local service organisations.

Once our stomachs were full and all comforts had been taken care of, we hit the road once more. Our next stop was just outside the town of Parkes to visit ‘the Dish’. The Dish was made famous in a movie made in 2000 starring Sam Neill and written and directed by some of Australia’s best about the role Australia played in the Apollo moon landing. The Dish is also known by the more respectable name of  CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope.
The telescope itself is visible from the main highway but is situated on a side road a couple of kilometres inland. The visitor centre and interactive displays are open to the public.
We spent some time looking around and sat out the back in the sunshine enjoying a drink.
As usual, there is always wildlife in the country and sitting above us in the tree were several young birds on a branch. We have no idea what type of birds these were but they looked so cute all bunched up together trying to keep warm.
IMG_5348-copyAfter leaving Parkes (with a promise to myself that next time we passed through I would visit the Elvis museum in town. A promise I made good on a couple of years later) we headed on toward Dubbo where we planned to spend the night and visit the zoo the next day.
Next Sunday, I will share some photos from Dubbo Zoo. (Still one of my favourite zoos in Australia).


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