I’m back… didya miss me?

Some of you probably didn’t even know that I was gone lol. But I was. For a whole week!!
The travel bug was causing my feet to itch so I knew it needed to be scratched once again. Pulling the Garden Gnome aside about three weeks ago, I said “I need to get away. Let’s go on a road trip”.

As the GG is the practical one in our relationship, he reminded me of our income (or lack thereof) and cautioned that it would have to be a short trip. We had been talking about going out west for some time with friends of oursΒ  so I broached the subject with the boss of their relationship πŸ˜‰ . The ‘Mrs’ was excited about the prospect and went home to talk to the ‘Mr’ however due to circumstances beyond their control they were unable to join us this time. So we decided to leave travelling to western Queensland for a time when they could join us and chose instead to go south.
It was the GG who came up with this plan after telling me only a couple of weeks ago that we were NOT going south in winter ever again. ha ha. Never say never apparently.
As the Tween (and just quietly her parents) watch the soapieΒ  Home and Away each night, we decided to travel to the Northern Beaches of Sydney where the show is filmed taking our time to travel down the coast of New South Wales. The GG thought it would be a great idea if we also visited Bondi Beach where the show Bondi Rescue is filmed.
It was wonderful to hit the road once again and I admit to taking hundreds of photos during our travels. Many of them through the window of a moving car and many of them with uneven horizons (once again). Just once, I might surprise myself and actually take a straight photo. πŸ˜€
Unfortunately for us, the cast and crew were not filming on the day we arrived in Palm Beach but we were fortunate enough to see some of the guys from Bondi Rescue out doing their job. Although the Tween was too scared to ask them to pose for a photo, I managed to snap a shot of her and the GG walking past them. Too funny.
We had a lovely time away and coming home, we decided to drive inland which was waaaayyyy colder than driving the coast road.
The universe had a hand in directing our path along the way (but that’s a story for another time) and I arrived home relaxed and ready to tackle life again.
During the trip I had my fill of wonderful scenery, great food, fantastic architecture, family history research and time spent laughing with my family (often at the expense of me but it was all in good fun). Although the Tween got sick on the second day in, she was a trooper the whole time.

And now that I am home and I have done six loads of laundry (after all it is winter and cold so many layers of clothes were worn), I am ready to start sorting my life out once more.
In closing, I’ll leave you with a (not very good photo) shot from the window of our car as we were entering Byron Bay. I think it’s a good reminder to everyone. πŸ™‚
012Have a blessed day.


37 thoughts on “I’m back… didya miss me?

      1. OMG! We are going to South Africa in late August. I hear that it is winter now and we’ll be there when spring begins. It’s hard to get my head around that. Right now, it’s in the 80s and 90s here!!!


        1. We work in celcius here and we have several nights below zero so far. It’s quite warm outside in the sun today but apparently the mercury is due to plummet again. We are lucky where we live that the days are still glorious however when we were further south, even the days were drear.


  1. Welcome back! Traveling can be such fun! Perhaps once I get settled in my new place, it will be time to plan a trip somewhere. First week in September my sister is coming to visit me and a couple of days will be spent at a large quilt show while she is here.


  2. I missed you. What are the daytime temperatures. I know I’m going to have to do some math, but I’m curious. I love that sign! It would be fun to hang over the front door.


    1. Okay, so as I write this it is actually 0Β°C outside (or 32Β°F). Today’s top is expected to be 20Β°C (or 68Β°F). That’s a pretty warm day. Further south we were experiencing daytime temps of 3Β°C.


  3. Welcome back! Your trip sounds wonderful. I have to admit I did’t miss you, because I was off cruising Alaska, with minimal web access, so I basically took a vacation from blogging — both reading and writing. So, did you miss me?


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