Through my Lens – Western Plains Zoo

I would have to say that this is my favourite zoo ever. Mind you I have only really been to a handful of zoos in Australia.
Dubbo Zoo is situated in central New South Wales and is known as the Western Plains Zoo. I love that the animals are not caged (apart from the birds in aviaries and the mesh fencing around the edges of the tigers). They are free to roam their area and in some parts many species of animals are housed together (e.g. antelope, giraffe and other plains dwelling African animals). The zoo has done its best to mimic some of the natural surroundings that these animals would find in their native homeland.
Of course my camera received a huge workout although I largely shot on auto the whole day.
So this post is mostly pictures of animals (with a few flowers thrown in for good measure).
I love this shot of the cockatoos and one galah (the grey and pink bird on the bottom left) having a feed of the grain in the antelope’s feeding trough whilst his back is turned.
But my favourite photo of the day is one of our Australian native animals – the wombat. Doing what he does best – sleep! πŸ™‚
I’ll put the rest of the photos into a gallery for you now.


42 thoughts on “Through my Lens – Western Plains Zoo

  1. Really nice photos. Winnipeg is going all out with their zoo this season. It is a Churchill exhibit with 3 or 4 polar bears. Next to them, the wolves were placed. Somehow they dug deep down enough to get inside with the bears overnight. Apparently, they all were cool and not disturbed with the visitors. πŸ™‚


    1. That would make a nice change from the first time we ever went there. The GG and I ended up so sunburned that when we reached Coonabarabran that night, we pulled the bed underneath the fan and slept on top of a sheet with nothing on to try and ease the heat radiating from our bodies.


  2. Great shots!!! I have to say that I LOVE that zebra shot mainly because I love Zebras. Have I mentioned to you that their stripes go up all the way through their manes? I’m chuckling because I ALWAYS mention this to people. Thank you for sharing your zoo pics. Your photos showed a love for animals. πŸ™‚


  3. Meerkats are my favourite. I think if I were an animal I’d be a meerkat. They always seem to be up on their hind legs. ( for metopes toes) to check out the action and make sure they aren’t missing g out on anything, while watching the safety of their family πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks for a great tour of Dubbo zoo Sue, havent been there but its great to see a well kept zoo with animals in great shape.
    Your wombat pic is the best.


  5. Nice photos. I love photographing animals and wildlife, too. When I was in Queensland in 2005, I was very fortunate to have gotten to visit Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo, as well as watch his show in the arena there. It was a special and memorable visit because of that. I absolutely adored that crazy man! He was a man after my own heart. I was torn up when he died.


    1. I have been to the Australia Zoo a couple of times. I think once was when Steve was still there. The last time I went was after his death and his friend Wes was doing the croc show. I believe his son Bob does some of them now.
      I can still remember the day Steve died. We were on holidays down the coast and we had been out that day to another wildlife sanctuary (all native animals). We came back to the unit and switched on the tv and the news story was all over every channel.


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