Buzzing…. just buzzing.

Right now, I am buzzing.
After my post about drifting the other day, I have managed to have a couple of very productive days. But first and foremost,

Yes. I did. I felt so fan-blinkin’-tastic about it as well that I immediately took photos and posted them to FB. Since then, I have chatted with a couple of friends and comments have ranged from “Beautiful” to “About bloody time too”. lol
In my defense, it only took 5 months. I could have been a lot longer if I’d wanted.
Truthfully though, I wanted it finished. No matter how many times I threw up my hands, broke needles, broke thread, mis-cut or became frustrated and walked away, I was determined to finish.
On Tuesday afternoon (just after the Tween came in from school), I snipped the last thread of my hand sewing and took it to her room. She wasn’t obviously excited, but then she wouldn’t be. Unless it involves Dance Moms, it takes a bit to get her to become animated. She did seem quietly pleased. She then came right out and askedย  if I would use the leftovers to make a matching pillowcase or cushion? ๐Ÿ˜€ I told her that I would think about it.

Since achieving the completion of the quilt, I’ve been on a bit of roll. It’s almost as if the quilt was the catalyst.
After I finished, I baked. My family always enjoy when I bake. However the biscuits are gone already so I will have to bake again. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Yesterday, the GG and I went out and managed to accomplish the completion of a lot of little chores including renewing my driver’s license. Since I needed to update it, I first went to the hairdresser and tidied up my shaggy dog look before going to have my photo taken to be stuck on a piece of plastic for the next several years. I then went to the local jeweller and redeemed my gift certificate that I have had in my handbag since my birthday last year and got a lovely pair of earrings.
After doing all this, the GG and I came home and sat back to watch our afternoon entertainment (the Fox Classics channel featuring old episodes of The Virginian).
Once that finished, I decided to pull out all my family history stuff.
I have long since lost the program that I was originally using but still had the GEDCOM file backed up (thank goodness). I read aย  lot of reviews and comparisons before I decided to purchase Legacy. Once I had downloaded it,ย  I set about fixing up a few things in my family tree – such as adding dates and names and updating the tree with all the information that I have been gathering at odd times over the past couple of years.
It’s got me all excited about researching family history once again.

So that is where I am right now.
I have moved a little from being adrift (although I still am still drifting) to buzzing.
My mind is buzzing with all sorts of things and I am on a little bit of a natural high after completing the quilt and compiling some of the family history stuff that I have had sitting in folders for some time.

Buzzing is good right? It sorts of adds a little outboard motor to the boat I’m drifting in.

31 thoughts on “Buzzing…. just buzzing.

  1. FANTASTIC!!! The quilt is so lovely, and your daughter is pleased whether she tells you so or not! I know the feeling about being buzzed about new projects. Completing one is just the start of something else. And so it goes . . .


  2. That is one beautiful quilt! I love those days where getting things done just comes easy, they are the best and I’m sure your sense of accomplishment from finishing a big project spurred you on. What a lovely up beat post ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Now all I can see is you being propelled around a lake with a little outboard on you. Congrats on finishing the quilt.


  4. Congratulations, Suz! The quilt is a masterpiece. I’m in awe! And good for you for staying productive. I set daily goals and that helps me keep from drifting…Then I make sure I take vacations and breaks though because it’s important to have time to drift too.


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