Oops Sorry

You know how it is when you get so caught up in something that you forget time and you even forget to eat?
That’s been me the past couple of days.
Since deciding to get back into the family history, I have been really getting my teeth into it and loving every minute.
As it has been about 6 years since the last time that I even opened the family tree to even look at it, a lot has changed.
Consequently,Β  I have been busy updating the tree with what I know has changed. Then I needed to check in on a couple of relative’s trees to see what they changed and update my own tree using theirs. Doing that feels a little like cheating really, but there is no point in reinventing the wheel if you don’t have to.
I have been checkingΒ  two of the sites that I have already paid membership to, to see if I can follow up some leads. Some it was successful however many times I would find things only to discover that they were on Ancestry.co.uk *sigh*. So I bit the bullet this morning and subscribed for a month to see what I can research and download.
I’ve been going great guns really.
When I get tired of researching one branch of the family, I go into another branch or look further into the Garden Gnome’s family. Although I do declare his great grandfather is proving to be a bit of a challenge.
I have ascertained his birthplace (according to him) from his Marriage and Death certificates. These also list his parent’s names. The trouble I am finding is that I can find no record of his birth or his parents. I gave up and walked away from it all just after lunch. lol I took a break to do the grocery shopping and some baking. Now I am back.

One thing I have worked out is that my grandmother’s adopted grandmother has the same surname as her birth mother, so I am hoping to explore further there to find where she fitted into the family. Or I could take the easy way out and write to my grandmother’s sister and get the information that she has put together but that may take some time. 😦
I have also discovered a couple of children born out of wedlock and solved the confusion caused by two ladies with the exact same name and differing birthdates. There are certainly some stories I am managing to piece together that’s for sure.

So, I am off again to look a little further into the mystery of the great-grandfather right now before I have to take the cake from the oven and cook the dinner. It’s so time consuming but such a great deal of fun.

I’m trusting you all are having a blessed day.
Hugs to you all.


33 thoughts on “Oops Sorry

    1. I know this feeling. I’ve done exactly the same thing previously.

      And it was worth the sacrifice. It was 3am in the morning when I made the critical breakthrough. Might not have done so, if I’d gone to bed at a regular time and lost my train of thought…!


      1. That sounds wonderful. I have managed to sit here for hours and not even think about getting up from my chair. However I had to remove myself from the computer yesterday before I starting banging my head against my keyboard. lol


  1. It’s wonderful when you can find that kind of focus and you have the freedom to go with it. You are so right to just ride the wave and see how far you can get while you have all of this drive for it. Good luck with the great grandfather mystery. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Deborah. I figure that I will get as much done as I can whilst the drive is there.
      My daughter said to me the other night that she would love to know some of the stories so I’m thinking I might start writing what I can.


    1. It’s so interesting. The GG’s side of the family was amazing. One of his great grandfathers literally came from a pauper’s workhouse to a position of importance in the country town he settled in after immigration.


  2. Its like reading a novel, you don’t know what is going to happen. What a wonderful kaleidoscope, at every turn something magical or strange happens and you discover a skeleton in the closet or maybe a famous forebear. Sounds addictive. Enjoy πŸ™‚


    1. It is very addictive Kaz and I am enjoying it very much but this great grandfather of the Garden Gnome is doing my head in. I’m beginning to think he was illegitimate and his birth was never registered.


      1. That’s the problem with old records, their spelling wasn’t great either so it could have changed because of spelling, not recording the right date or forgetting to do all of the above or on purpose as you suggest! A good glass of wine or three might help you along the way as you journey through the past!


        1. I’m going to pick my FIL’s brains in a couple of hours so might get some information that way I’m hoping. lol
          I do know that this particular gentleman lied about his age to crew a ship and then deserted when it reached Brisbane. I’m sure he lied about his age because they don’t add up when I work out how old he was when he got married and when he died. *sigh*


  3. I remember the hours flying as I worked on my husband’s family tree- I was dreaming about the names that swirled around in my head for hours every day. Everything else got put on hold. It is a puzzle that never ends. And so rewarding as the pieces begin to fit together and you make those connections. Enjoy! (And order take out) πŸ™‚


    1. Ha ha. I don’t think the family would ever eat if I didn’t put the brakes on from time to time. After spending time talking with my in-laws yesterday and writing down some of their stories, I am more convinced than ever that these stories need to be recorded and written down.


  4. That’s why I’m glad the family tree was done in book form by my great-aunt on Dad’s side…and my mother’s brother on the other side. I thought I’d be done scanning about 30 yrs worth of 35mm slides by now…turns out it is taking so much longer due to an unexpected obstacle..my emotions. I can only do so many at a time before I start getting depressed at how many of those dear people in the photos are dead now. :/


    1. Oh CJ. That must hurt so bad. I get that as well. I spent a day last week going through all of my old photos and there is one photo of my brothers and I with some of our ‘uncles’ by marriage. I went through and counted three that are now gone. Very sad indeed.


  5. Catching up here…my brother was the family historian. He thought he had a lead that ended up being incorrect. He participated in a DNA program, and we weren’t related to the part of the family he had traced. So, in his honor, I thought I would pick up and see what I could dig up. I save it for winter time. *sigh* It’s been 2 winters now, and there it sits. However, winter is coming up soon. Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun. When I forget to eat, I make up for it later. πŸ˜€


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