Through my Lens – Dubbo Gaol and on the road once again

When we first arrived in Dubbo, we knew we would be spending more than one night there so booked a room at one of the many, many motels for two nights.
It is easy to spend a full day at the zoo and we knew that we would do that and be quite exhausted at the end of it all. Having learned our mistake from a previous visit in which we spent all day at the zoo, got very sunburned and then drove another 100 kilometres or so afterwards to collapse in exhaustion that night, we knew better this time around.
The Garden Gnome and I had taken the older children to the Old Dubbo Gaol several years previously but we had never taken our youngest (the now Tween) and we thought she may enjoy it.
The Old Dubbo Gaol is one of the oldest gaols (jails) in Australia and the conditions there were quite horrific. As our time for the day was limited we chose to do a self guided tour.
The buildings have been restored and many are filled with animatronics and holographic displays. Our little girl really enjoyed the experience. She particularly enjoyed locking her parents in an old cell. None of us liked the solitary confinement room especially since one ‘funny’ fellow hid in one of the corners and scared every kid who walked into the room. I suggested that my family might like to leave me in the padded cell next door but they chose to take me with them.
However, I suggested that I leave the Garden Gnome here…..
IMG_5471-copyΒ …. but he didn’t share my enthusiasm.
Once we left the gaol, we drove into town and found a museum and cultural centre that we spent a little time looking through. I am lucky that the man I have chosen to spend my life with has similar interests to me in a lot of things.
I was intrigued by these flowers outside the cultural centre and to this day I still don’t know what they are. If anyone can enlighten me I would be very grateful.
IMG_5488-copyWe had spent some time in discussion the night before about which route we were going to take home (as we were on the homeward stretch by now). I suggested we add another couple of days to our trip and visit Lightning Ridge as none of us had ever been there before. So after lunch, we headed in that general direction passing through many small farming and cattle communities.
The majority of the photos taken on the trip toward Lightning Ridge were through the window of a moving car so they aren’t the best quality but give you some idea of the diversity of the Australian landscape. I love to take photos and the Garden Gnome is generally pretty good about stopping if I ask him to however since we were trying to make Lightning Ridge by dark, I chose to keep quiet and just shoot from the car as we went.
So far on this trip, we had visited coastal towns and communities, the Blue Mountains and inland cities but now were were truly in the western parts of the country. (Although I have travelled through some of the desert parts of the Australia before I don’t have photos. Planning a future trip to these though).

I’ve put the rest of the photos of this day into a gallery for you.

Next week, we are nearing the end of this road trip and will be in Lightning Ridge. I loved LR and hope to go back one day to photograph it in more detail.
That’s it for this week’s stop.

Have a blessed day. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Through my Lens – Dubbo Gaol and on the road once again

  1. Is that a gymea lily by any chance? You’re having a darn good tour!

    Does the GG like to golf? Lightning Ridge has a most unique course! I played my best ever game there, but it was back to normal very soon thereafter.



    1. Hi Yvonne, The GG used to ‘play’ golf before I met him. It really was only for giggles I believe. We would like to go back to LR one day so might check out the golf course.
      What a shame that your game never remained the same after then.


  2. I have a picture I took of Lorelle in a cell at Dubbo jail that is quite spooky. I’ll be posting it in my Monday blog soon. You have some great pics there Suz, there certainly are some diverse places here.


  3. I had never heard of the word gaol until Leanne mentioned it. I feel so smug that I knew what it was when I read your post lol. Thanks for the tour Sue. Nice images. πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks for a snippet of Australiana and a jolt to my memories back to near my old stomping grounds, well Orange to be exact but you weren’t too far away. Its been a long time since I was in Dubbo and even longer Coonamble. Thanks for the flashbacks. Great pics Sue, I really love your mixture of photos. I could hardly believe how blue the sky was and the puffy clouds.. it has to be the country air that does that.


    1. It really was a vibrant blue for sure.
      We were in Orange for most of the day there a couple of weeks ago catching up with one of the GG’s rellies. We got there before the expected snow. lol


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