A Letter to my Friends

Last week during one of my productive days I visited one of the op shops in town. I haven’t been in this shop for quite some time as it is generally extremely cramped and quite musty. However I popped in this time because it looked as if the volunteers who run the store had done a huge clean up and created a store that looked a littleΒ  classier and more inviting to enter, than it did previously. At first glance, I couldn’t understand where everything had gone and then I realised that at the back of the store, they had made a book/reading area that led through to a warehouse at the rear where all the clothing and furniture was now located.

As I was on a schedule (I had a couple of things to do whilst the GG had a haircut and I needed to be at the hairdresser myself in 20 minutes time) my visit was quite short.
I only had time for a quick browse.
As I was exiting the warehouse through the the book/reading area I glanced at the shelves of books and CDs (I confess – I can’t help it) and my eyes fell upon a book at the front of a shelf at eye level entitled “A Note to my Friends” by Anthony Robbins.
Now I’ve heard about Anthony Robbins before but I’ve never read (or listened) to any of his stuff so I grabbed the book ($1) , paid for it and hurried on to do the other things that I needed to do.
Last night I finished reading the book. Tonight I am going to begin reading it again and completing some of the exercises contained within it.
This small book was easy to digest and left me feeling excited and energised when I put it down.

Each chapter discusses ways to get your life on track and find happiness in what you are doing. The basic premise is dream big, take steps (even baby ones. Well he said small but I interpreted them as baby steps), change your mindset and give back to others.
I liked what he said in the book about helping and giving back to others. He stressed that no matter how bad we think our life is, there is always someone who has it worse than we do. When we help these people, we are not only assisting them, we are doing ourselves a big favour as well. You cannot give to others without it affecting you in some way.

I have been pondering ways in which we are able to help others. This morning I was reminded of one as I have been hunting for documentation to do our last two year’s taxes with our accountant later. (I know. I know. It’s not good to be two years behind but last year was not a good year for us and doing taxes was the furthest thing from my mind). As I was saying, I was hunting for the documentation and I have located the receipts from our regular donations to many different charities.
Whilst giving of cash is good, and it certainly helps, I’m thinking that this isn’t exactly what Anthony Robbins had in mind when he suggested helping others in order to put your life into perspecctive.
He used the example of a person who knocked on the door of his family home one Thanksgiving when he was a boy. This person delivered bags of groceries. When his father protested, the man replied “Hey. I’m just the delivery guy and I’m doing my job”. Anthony Robbins never forgot that someone had realised his family was struggling and went out of their way to ensure they had the means to celebrate Thanksgiving. Years later when he was able to, he did exactly the same thing for another person. Robbins claims the experience changed his life and put things into perspective for him.

There are many ways we can help others.
We can listen.
We can extend the hand of friendship or understanding.
Or we can do little things such as visiting a local nursing home and spending time with someone who doesn’t have family.
What about mowing an elderly neighbour’s lawn or doing odd jobs around the house for them?
Really the possibilities are endless.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about volunteering somewhere. I’m not sure where and I’m not sure in what capacity however it’s what I’ve been thinking about.
Maybe this book is the little kick that I need.
What I do know, is that I was meant to find this book on that shelf last week.
And tonight I am going to begin reading it again and taking the time this time around to absorb it’s words and put them to practice in my life.

What about you? Have you ever read a book that has touched you in some way? I’d love to hear about it. (And I’m always on the lookout for books to add to the pile waiting to be read πŸ˜‰ ).
003-copyI hope you enjoy this photo of Mt Maroon (right) and Mt Barney (left) taken from the middle of my street one morning a couple of weeks ago just as the sun was coming up. Yes! I walked out into the street dressing in my pj’s and pink, fluffy dressing gown to photograph our view. πŸ˜€
There are always blessings to count right?

Have a blessed day.

26 thoughts on “A Letter to my Friends

  1. Beautiful view and a wonderful post as well. I do a lot of reading as well although of late I am lucky to be able to keep up with the book we are using in a Bible study I take part in as well as my daily Bible reading. Once I get settled into my new place I will have more time, I hope. I get a lot out of the books I read for the Bible study. First one we did was The Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and we are now reading Following God With All your Heart by Elizabeth George. Both are very encouraging books and have grest accompanyingworkbooks.


  2. I loved this post Sue and I’m glad you feel energized by the book you purchased. You are so much more aware than the average person who doesn’t stop to smell the roses or realize what affect we can have on others through even simple things. It’s become complex to be simple in this world. As for a book that touched me, it has to be “Bridge Across Forever” by Richard Bach. I LOVED that book and still have the feeling that humans are spiritual beings that have wandered in each other’s paths before. Nice pic btw. πŸ™‚


  3. I had an electronic conversation this week with one of my sons that was about this! He has an amazing opportunity to attend a 5 week music camp at Berklee College of Music in Boston. There are so many homeless people around the campus and he has a really hard time passing them. He told me that he gave a quarter to one the other day. He got a scholarship to the camp and is on a tight budget so I recommended that he look into volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter for an hour or 2 a week. These are things we have done as a family and I am so proud of him for considering it. I’m not sure if he will volunteer or not, but I was so happy to have the conversation about genuinely helping others. He is such a good boy! I strongly recommend (I believe I have in the past) anything by Martin Seligman. I also love the book The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. Have a beautiful day!


    1. I have one of Martin Seligman’s books in my ‘to read’ pile right now and I believe that the Art of Happiness is also in the same pile. lol
      It must give you such a sense of pride to know your son cares for his fellow man in such a way.


    1. I don’t have that one of Wayne Dyer although I own so many of his books. I have heard of the The Artist’s Way but never looked into it. Looking on Google, I see that she also has a workbook and companion CD set for this book. It looks very interesting.


  4. I would have appreciated a pic of you in the street wearing your dressing gown and pink fluffy slippers. πŸ˜‰ Okay back to the book. Things always seem to pop into our orbit when we need them the most. I’ve actually had books fall off the shelf in front of me in a library, and be of actual use to me. I’ve been passing it forward for years now, nothing big or earth shaking just a little here and there. Usually when someone needs it the most. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word to someone who’s down and out, a meal, a couple of dollars, whatever. I only give to one charity and that’s the Salvos ( you can’t support all of them ) they always seem to be there when needed. I hope you find something that takes you forward Suz. Now, about that dressing gown pic…………………


    1. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the photo …. lol
      I hear what you say about not being able to support all charities however we support those that have helped our family in some way over the years. I also sponsor a child in Zambia.
      Yes, it’s interesting how books come our way isn’t it? Unfortunately I didn’t pick up the book again last night as I was hit by a massive headache but there is always tonight.


      1. Phew! I held my breath. πŸ™‚ I give a bit here and a bit there but it seems everyone has their hand out these days. Sponsored a chid for awhile until World Vision finished in the particular area. Hope your headache’s better.


        1. Hope you didn’t pass out from holding your breath dear. lol Yeh, everyone has their hand out these days but then I can understand their needing to do that.


          1. I can pass out at the best of times. πŸ˜‰ There’ more hands out than those handing out, if you get my drift.


  5. Beautiful photo Sue, and good food for thought. I have read many books that have changed me in some small way, mostly because I read non-fiction so am already looking for things that others have experienced and have something to add to the thought processes I’m having. I don’t just read ‘self help’ books, either. I read biographies and books about travel or living in other places. At times I feel moved toward charitable contributions, both by personal effort and by financial support, but mostly I find that contributing to the lives of my friends and family is what I am best suited to. My personal mantra is always try to leave the moment a bit better for my having been there. A smile, a hug, a listening ear can all help toward this goal. Thank you for your sharing your thoughtful post.


  6. I don’t have a book to recommend (I read a lot, but not in this genre) but I can attest to volunteerism / community activism. Looking out for and caring for others makes us all feel better.
    Love the story of how that book just reached out to you πŸ™‚


  7. The best pictures come when seen through the eyes while wearing pjs. Were you barefoot? That’s my favorite way…I’m sure my neighbors are used to it now. One of my favorite Anthony Robbins quotes–or part of it is, the past does not equal the future. I have several of his books and cds. He is high energy and very inspiring.


    1. Too cold for bare feet. I had my little house slippers on (like furry socks lol).
      I had the opportunity to purchase a whole set of Anthony Robbins CD’s whilst we were away but never did. I’m kicking myself now.


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