Sunday Stills Challenge

So I’ve seen that  a lot of bloggers are taking part in this challenge and decided it might be something fun for me to do as well so I looked into it (thanks to the link on Kaz’s blog).
More information can be found about the challenge on the blog Sunday Stills Challenge. The challenge for this week is ‘Looking through Windows‘.
This has proved to be a bit of a challenge for me as I don’t often take photos through windows – apart from those taken from a moving car during road trips.
However, this challenge requires that you have the window clearly visible in your photo and when I take photos through the car window, I generally try to crop out the window when framing the photo.
However, sorting through some of my photos, I have come up with the following photos.
DSCF5372-copyThis photo was taken in 2009 as we drove out to Moonlight Head on the Great Ocean Road. I had seen Moonlight Head on a map and thought it would make a great detour for us. When I took this photo we had decided we would give the track another couple of kilometres before making the decision about whether to turn around or not.
Notice that the photo was taken from the back seat? This was because our little girl suffered THE WORST car sickness ever on the trip around the Great Ocean Road and we thought it best to put her up front. It helped a little.
My next photo comes from our destination (we reached it before turning around). Before descending the steps to the beach we wandered through the little cemetery there. This photo was taken from the small shelter inside the gates.
DSCF5369-copyThe next day we visited the lighthouse at Cape Ottway.
DSCF5341-copyAnd my last photo for this challenge was taken a couple of weeks ago in Bathurst. As the photo is actually reversed (due to the fact I took it in the side mirror of the car), who can tell me what the photo is of?
057-(2)-copyWell my day needs to get under way. I have already had a phone call from my old workplace letting me know that the delivery guy dropped a parcel in for me this morning. He always used to drop things in to me at work rather than leaving them on the doorstep of a house where no one was home but he obviously didn’t get the memo that I no longer work there. lol One of the ladies signed for it before realising it was for me. 😀
Today, I am hoping to scan some photos of my MIL’s that I found the other day. One requires considerable restoration work.

Well, have a blessed day all 🙂

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