Wednesday Monochrome Madness

It is Wednesday once more and that means that Leanne Cole has once again hosted the Monochrome Madness on her blog. Once again the standard of photography is wonderful and includes many amazing images.
She has kindly included my image again this week and I in turn will share it with you all.
I was very happy with this particular image last week when I sent it to Leanne however am not as happy with it this week. But oh well. What is done is done and this photo is still a little part of how I see the world.
I have to say that in taking this photo, I realised just how much my family love (and tolerate) me. I was determined that I wanted to capture this shot of the leaves on the rocks and took photos from many different angles in my quest to capture the perfect shot. All the while, the GG and the Tween waited patiently for me. I’m sure there were looks exchanged behind my back however not a word was said.

With that said, here is my image. I hope you enjoy.


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