Accomplishment and Gratitude

The other day I had to go into my old workplace to pick up a parcel that had been dropped there for me. Whilst it was wonderful to see fellow workmates and some of the clients once again, it was a bittersweet experience.
I have invested a lot of myself into that place. It has become a part of me and it is a part that I cherish.
One part of me was happy that I was no longer having to come in to work each day and the other part was sad that I am missing spending time with the wonderful clients (and staff) that are the backbone of the organisation.
However, it was also difficult because of the questions asked of me.

“How is your book going”? (I haven’t even looked at it or written anything toward it).
“How’s your study”? (Still sitting on the table waiting for me to pick it up again).
“I bet you’re loving not having to get up and go to work each day”. (Sort of. But part of me feels really guilty for not supporting our family and I’m struggling to deal with that guilt).
“Have you achieved everything you wanted to do once you gave up work”? (Well there is still a layer of dust on things but I am slowly getting things sorted out and I’m finally baking for my family once more).

And then the sense of dissatisfaction with myself began to creep in. So I said my goodbyes and drove home all whilst questioning what I am doing with my life and just what I am contributing to my family and the world at large at this point in time.
I know in my heart that I made the right decision to leave my job and return home full-time. The signs were all around me and the peace of mind was instantaneous once the decision had been made. But this whole stepping out and trusting is doing my head in right now. lol It is especially hard when the financial letters begin arriving.

Therefore I have decided that I am going to do a post each week with my achievements for that week and my gratitude list. And all those who want to join me in celebrating their achievements and sharing their gratitude for the things in their life that are wonderful, can do so right along with me.
I have realised that sometimes when we think we aren’t achieving much and then take the time to stop to think about it, we find that we have achieved more than we thought we had.
So here is my “Achievement List” for the week:

  • Sewed four skirts for my granddaughters (now I just have to sew matching tops)
  • Mended a jacket that had been sitting in the mending pile for far too long
  • Mended holes in the feather down quilt from our bed
  • Located a sibling of my mother-in-law that died before her birth
  • Emptied my ironing box (and I didn’t just tip it out all over the floor either. I actually ironed everything in that huge ass box)
  • Sorted the filing cabinet and encouraged the Garden Gnome to sort his paperwork out as well
  • Shredded three garbage bags full of old paperwork
  • Baked
  • Cooked dinner every night (except the one night I had a bad headache and went to bed instead)
  • Visited the accountant to take care of two year’s worth of tax
  • Began scanning old family photos

Every little achievement counts right?

And now here is my “Gratitude List” for the week –  I am grateful for:

  • The opportunity to record some wonderful family anecdotes shared by my father-in-law
  • Hot water (we had to replace our hot water system yesterday and had no hot water last night)
  • A wonderful man who will go to the store to buy elastic so that I can finish sewing skirts
  • A ‘fish man’ who comes to my house so I can purchase fish straight from the trawler (or so he tells me)
  • The three rainbows I have seen this week
  • A fantastic report from all of the Tween’s teachers during parent-teacher interviews
  • The crows that amuse me when they fly in about 2pm every day to drink in the bird bath in the front garden (they’re definitely punctual that’s for sure)
  • The fact that I am at home and don’t have to take time off work to look after the Tween whilst she is sick
  • Electricity to power my computer, printer, kettle, stove and sewing machine
  • A helpful woman at the bank who understood what I was trying to say through my tears and fixed the issue with our mortgage payment in a few minutes and the provided encouragement and emotional support
  • Expected tax refunds for the past two years
  • Time spent laughing with the Tween whilst watching the Diva try to get the bandage off her leg that I had put on her (she was favouring her sore leg so I thought bandaging it might help).

There is probably more but the Tween wants to use the computer and it is time to go and watch our old western on Fox Classics.
That’s another thing I am grateful for – Shared time with the GG – even if it is just watching tv.

Feel free to share your achievements and gratitude lists with me. I look forward to reading them.


29 thoughts on “Accomplishment and Gratitude

  1. For me at least, it was “you can’t go home again” when I left work after 18 years at same place. No desire to go back, either. Several good friends still there, and we keep in touch but don’t need to go back there. Think back twice in six years.


  2. I had to return to my workplace after going on Workcover to sort some paperwork out and people tended to either be supportive, or condemning. I missed my job, I expected to be in it until I was in my late 60’s. So besides putting up with PTSD I had the guilt of letting the side down. I realised that beating myself up was only making things worse. I had to take things one hour at a time for quite a while, money was low, all the things that happen when life goes off course. My achievements then were staying alive for another day. I was grateful for a fantastic shrink. Now I’m grateful for a wife who loves me.


  3. Achievement: working 4/5 days this week supply teaching while hubby was interstate and also trying to organise an 11yr old’s b’day party — WITHOUT letting everything fall apart; wishing my nephew a happy birthday ON TIME. Gratitude: that the school still thinks I have value as a professional; that I can refuse work when I don’t feel well; that my boys are happy; that my husband still has a job.

    Life is interesting some weeks!!!


    1. You’ve done well to get all that done. I guess there are days you feel like you are running in circles.
      How could the school not recognise your very obvious talent and treat you as the professional you are?
      I have been thinking about you lately also. I’m glad you are well. 🙂


    1. That would be wonderful Irene. I look forward to reading.
      I think it helps to know that we really are accomplishing things when we feel like we are treading water and going nowhere.


  4. Your writing is a huge contribution. I have a list of accomplishments, but have been actually using a pen and paper to write them down. 😀


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