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This is the first time I have ever taken part in Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays and I’m going to struggle to write and not edit. Apparently I can fix typos which is great because my fingers often run off without my mind but not being able to edit and allowing you all to see the thought processes of my mind is a little daunting.

Right now my life is like treading water and not getting anywhere. I’ve mentioned it before and I am not about to go into again this time.
As part of dealing with this and looking for strategies in order to move forward, I have been reading Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer. Both have offered me insight and peace. Peace is something that is needed in this world.
What I have found interesting with reading the words of both of these authors is that they stress that LOVE is the most critical thing that needs to become a part of your life. Not just love of yourself but unconditional love of your fellow man.
In order to heal yourself and bring the things that you desire into your life, love must be present. It must be consuming.
Wayne Dyer talks about love completely changing the way that he sees the world.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have eyes that only saw with love?
Eyes that didn’t see the ugliness of the world or the people who inhabit it. Eyes that could see beyond the exteriors and walls built by those same people. The walls that forbid you from even daring to enter their space.
How wonderful would life become if we all woke up one day with eyes that only saw the world around us with love and gratitude?

Alas, I don’t believe that will happen any time soon which is so very sad. I don’t believe that the millions of others in the world would feel comfortable in expressing love to themselves and others. It is much easier to hide behind pain and hate than to open your heart and admit your vulnerabilities.
I’ve heard it said that the world is “going to hell in a handbasket” and whilst this may be true for the world at large, I want to ensure that my family remain as protected as I can make it. I want them to know love. I want them to know that there is beauty in the world. I want them to develop compassion for their fellow man and to see the world through the eyes of love.
But in order for them to do this, I have to open my eyes to this possibility as well.
So today as I step out into the world, I will not be wearing rose-coloured glasses. I will be looking at the world in a new way.
I want to see if I can do it.
I want to see if I can see with the eyes of love!

Who wants to join me?

19 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. I do! πŸ™‚ It’s by showing others the gift of love that we can teach them how to envision a world full of it. Teach by example! I always think that if I do something kind for a stranger that perhaps they will feel glad enough to do something kind for someone else in turn. I think it’s the key, in fact, to spreading love.
    Thanks so much for this excellent post (editing was so not necessary) and for dipping your toe into the SoCS pond this week! πŸ˜€


  2. Beautiful! And I’d love to join you in this — you’re so right that the world needs more peace and love! I also love Wayne Dyer too…there’s a radio show I listen to where the host signs off with something along the lines of your post’s topics, so you might also like him. His name is Bill Ayres, and I looked up his specific sign-off. It’s: “Until the next time, this is Bill Ayres. I wish you much peace, love, and hope. That’s something we all need a lot of.” Anyway, great post!


    1. He sounds wonderful. I googled him and found out he is a Catholic priest from New York. Unfortunately, being in Australia we won’t get those radio broadcasts. But I agree wholeheartedly with his closing remarks. The world certainly needs a lot more peace, love and hope.


      1. True. Well, if you’re ever curious, he broadcasts Sunday nights from 12am-2am (I guess that’s technically Monday morning) Eastern time on 95.5 WPLJ and the station website lets you listen live: What time would that be for you, I think Monday 2pm your time? Just FYI if you want to check it out; his topics vary each week and it’s a nice calming show. Thanks again for your post, loved it!


    1. I have found Eric that it doesn’t matter how many times I go back and self edit before hitting the ‘publish’ button, I will invariably still find errors later.


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