Sunday Stills Challenge sent me down Memory Lane

This week’s challenge is ‘Faces’.
Let’s face it, photographing a face is something that we all do. I know myself that I enjoy photographing people therefore faces figure prominently in my photo archives on the computer.
This week I am going to share some of my earliest digital photography efforts from 2003 (although there is one photo in there that I didn’t take).

Back when digital photography was in its infancy, the Garden Gnome’s workplace purchased a camera for use in his department. On occasion, he would bring it home for me to ‘play’ with. I was in heaven. Here was a camera that it didn’t matter how many photos I took, I could keep going until I got the perfect shot. Admittedly, the camera only held about 16 photos before I had to begin deleting but this was something that opened a whole new world for me.

Since digital cameras were in their infancy there wasn’t the variety of choices with them that there are now. This particular camera could only shoot in auto and either in colour or black and white.
My most popular subjects were my children and particularly our baby. Our (now Tween) grew up with a camera in her face at all times. My passion for photography combined with my passion for scrapbooking was the bane of her life but she handled it all like a true ‘pro’.
7As you can tell from the above photo, I loved to plan photo shoots with my children however sometimes neglected to iron the backdrop (a blue sheet from my son’s bed). This is my all-time favourite photo of my little girl dressed in her nappy and singlet and clutching her ‘Rabbie’. This is also one of my my most scrap-booked photos (both in paper and digital format). The following photo is one of my earliest digital layouts using elements and ‘papers’ designed in photoshop by me.A PictureMy next most successful ‘shoot’ involved the First Born’s high school formal photos. This took place in our shed with a backdrop made of black plastic taped to our table tennis table and using entirely natural lighting from the open shed door.
4And because I know The Son reads my blog each day, I have looked hard for a photo of him. Most of the photos of him from 2003 are action shots or photos with his face not clearly visible but I managed to find one that was ‘posed’. (Note to self: brick walls aren’t the best back drops).
5So here are the faces of my family (apart from the GG who was very good at dodging out of sight when the camera was around) in 2003. He hasn’t improved much in that area over the years either. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by and indulging my reminiscing. πŸ™‚ Can you work out which shot is the one that I didn’t take?

19 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Challenge sent me down Memory Lane

  1. Great photos Sue, your daughter will be thanking you when she is older for recording a lot of her life which we unfortunately were not privy to in our era! Talking about the start of digital cameras makes us sound like dinosaurs πŸ™‚ lol.


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