It’s the little things

As we move through life we often overlook the little things.
It’s the little things in life that are important.
They are what brings our awareness back to ‘now’ and open our eyes to the beauty of life.
Sometimes you just need to stop. Take the time to sit outside and allow the sun to warm your body.
And whilst it is warming your body, allow it to seep through to your soul and wrap it in it’s loving embrace.
Close your eyes and feel the dance of the sun’s rays over your lashes.
As you feel the numbness recede from your fingers and toes, open your eyes.
Watch the play of light on leaves.
Observe the lavender enjoying the tender embrace of the elements at the same time as you.
Become aware that you are both being nurtured by the same source.
And smile.
Because life really is good.
At this time and place you are just being.

Being brings gratitude.
It’s the little things that brings life back into focus.

25 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. It surely is. However, today I was cleaning windows. I just had to reach the little bits of dirt with a cotton swab. It looks beautiful now, but that stinkin’ bit of dirt was annoying instead of enjoyable 😀


  2. “Back to “now” seems is the only “reality”… an ever expanding wondrous adventure….where we wake up from the dream….without the fragmentation of our thoughts getting in the way….we can “BE” the experience…of every little now


    1. Our days become so busy Tric. I guess it’s the nature of society today however as I am getting older I am realising the importance of stopping and breathing.


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