Wednesday Monochrome Madness

As it is Wednesday, Leanne Cole has once again spent a phenomenal amount of time and energy putting together Week 22 of her Monochrome Madness Challenge and once again the number and quality of photographs is amazing.
I must confess that I am so humbled to be amongst some amazing talent within the group that submit their photos. I have also found some wonderful blogs to follow through this challenge. This week my photo comes from the Brisbane Exhibition (fair or show to my overseas visitors). The Ekka (as it is locally known) is held every year in August in the city. Like all shows it is overpriced and full of all things bad for you (such as sugar overloads and rides that make you throw up).
When we visit the Ekka it is to see the exhibits. It is a time when Town meets Country and the city folks who flock there have the opportunity to get up close and personal with animals and agriculture.
My Tween is champing at the bit to go again this year (she goes every few years or so) but she is interested in only two areas – Sideshow Alley (with all the rides) and the Show Bag pavilion. However gone are the days of the ‘sample’ bags that we used to get when we were kids. These days those bags are filled with stuff that is guaranteed to fill a child with sugar and contain toys that break the first or second time they are used.
We haven’t been in a number of years and I am thinking it would be nice to go again just to take photos. I love the dog show pavilion for this reason. If we don’t go we always have our local show on in September though. Actually I think the local show is just as good and even better when you catch up with people you haven’t seen in ages. It also makes your heart warm when you see the names on the winning entries in the various pavilions because you know half of them. 😉

Of course spending all day walking around at any event makes your legs tired and you need somewhere to sit. Luckily there are plenty of seats for this purpose.

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Monochrome Madness

  1. Two questions for you about your lovely post~
    1. What are these in the photo? Brick molds?
    And 2. what sorts of sugary things do you have at your fairs and exhibitions? Spun sugar cotton candy, deep fried dough made into funnel cakes or elephant ears? Do you enjoy syrup covered shaved ice and call it a snow cone? Do you dip apples into caramel or shiny red candy coating? How about salt water taffy?
    I would love to know how many of these summer-time delicacies are world wide 🙂 My daughter would kill for a Tim Tam!


    1. I would sometimes kill for a Tim Tam lol
      The objects in the photo are bench seats. They are painted various colours and often put out for show goers to rest their weary legs.
      As to the sugary delights. Yes there is spun candy called Fairy Floss. There is deep fried dough – waffles and cream. Syrup covered shaved ice. Tiny little ice cream ‘dots’ in cups. Toffee apples (the shiny red coated ones) on sticks. At the Ekka, they also sell Strawberry ice cream cones that have fresh strawberries
      Away from the sugar, another show staple is the Dagwood Dog. A frankfurt on a stick that has been dipped in batter and deep fried. 🙂
      I hope that answers your question. 🙂


    1. Thank you Mr Laurie. And you’re right. There never seems to be enough. I thought it wonderful that they were still using these old seats that must be as old as the Ekka itself.


      1. I haven’t been in a few years, it’s the crowds. The benches remind me of the ones at school out on the veranda.


        1. True. Although when I went to school, we had those wooden iron frame chairs. We were talking about going again yesterday. I don’t really mind either way.


          1. I went to a one teacher school for a little while and we had those benches on the veranda. Don’t eat too much fairy floss. 🙂


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