Accomplishment and Gratitude

The other day I had to go into my old workplace to pick up a parcel that had been dropped there for me. Whilst it was wonderful to see fellow workmates and some of the clients once again, it was a bittersweet experience.
I have invested a lot of myself into that place. It has become a part of me and it is a part that I cherish.
One part of me was happy that I was no longer having to come in to work each day and the other part was sad that I am missing spending time with the wonderful clients (and staff) that are the backbone of the organisation.
However, it was also difficult because of the questions asked of me. Continue reading

Sunday Stills Challenge

So I’ve seen that  a lot of bloggers are taking part in this challenge and decided it might be something fun for me to do as well so I looked into it (thanks to the link on Kaz’s blog).
More information can be found about the challenge on the blog Sunday Stills Challenge. The challenge for this week is ‘Looking through Windows‘.
This has proved to be a bit of a challenge for me as I don’t often take photos through windows – apart from those taken from a moving car during road trips.
However, this challenge requires that you have the window clearly visible in your photo and when I take photos through the car window, I generally try to crop out the window when framing the photo. Continue reading

A Letter to my Friends

Last week during one of my productive days I visited one of the op shops in town. I haven’t been in this shop for quite some time as it is generally extremely cramped and quite musty. However I popped in this time because it looked as if the volunteers who run the store had done a huge clean up and created a store that looked a little  classier and more inviting to enter, than it did previously. At first glance, I couldn’t understand where everything had gone and then I realised that at the back of the store, they had made a book/reading area that led through to a warehouse at the rear where all the clothing and furniture was now located. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Dubbo Gaol and on the road once again

When we first arrived in Dubbo, we knew we would be spending more than one night there so booked a room at one of the many, many motels for two nights.
It is easy to spend a full day at the zoo and we knew that we would do that and be quite exhausted at the end of it all. Having learned our mistake from a previous visit in which we spent all day at the zoo, got very sunburned and then drove another 100 kilometres or so afterwards to collapse in exhaustion that night, we knew better this time around. Continue reading

Oops Sorry

You know how it is when you get so caught up in something that you forget time and you even forget to eat?
That’s been me the past couple of days.
Since deciding to get back into the family history, I have been really getting my teeth into it and loving every minute.
As it has been about 6 years since the last time that I even opened the family tree to even look at it, a lot has changed. Continue reading

Buzzing…. just buzzing.

Right now, I am buzzing.
After my post about drifting the other day, I have managed to have a couple of very productive days. But first and foremost,

Yes. I did. I felt so fan-blinkin’-tastic about it as well that I immediately took photos and posted them to FB. Since then, I have chatted with a couple of friends and comments have ranged from “Beautiful” to “About bloody time too”. lol
In my defense, it only took 5 months. I could have been a lot longer if I’d wanted. Continue reading