Last week as I was road tripping my way through New South Wales, I felt free – and happy. There was purpose to my life. The hours spent without talking as we travelled the kilometres, were spent in thought. Thoughts where all was possible. Thoughts where the future looked bright and happy.
I was in a state of bliss. Continue reading

Where did I come from?

This morning as I have been reading blog posts (I’m two days behind sorry), I’ve read two posts from fellow bloggers remembering their ancestors and the stories that formed part of their heritage. It sparked my interest and I thought it would make a great topic for a blog post of my own.
I am the record keeper and historian in my family and most of the old photos have found their way to me. Of course there are many that are still with other family members, but of some of them, I have borrowed and scanned so that I can have copies of my own.
I have been researching my family history and having the photos to go with that history is wonderful.
I’ve also taken on the task of researching the family history of the Garden Gnome although that is made easier by the fact that his family settled some of the surrounding area, so finding locations and graves is much easier. His family are so happy with what I have found out so far. Whilst we were away last week, we visited a cemetery in a small country town prominent in the history of his mother and photographed headstones that may help in further research.
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Through my Lens – Western Plains Zoo

I would have to say that this is my favourite zoo ever. Mind you I have only really been to a handful of zoos in Australia.
Dubbo Zoo is situated in central New South Wales and is known as the Western Plains Zoo. I love that the animals are not caged (apart from the birds in aviaries and the mesh fencing around the edges of the tigers). They are free to roam their area and in some parts many species of animals are housed together (e.g. antelope, giraffe and other plains dwelling African animals). The zoo has done its best to mimic some of the natural surroundings that these animals would find in their native homeland.
Of course my camera received a huge workout although I largely shot on auto the whole day. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Forbes and Parkes

As you read this, I have probably already driven through these towns once again on our current road trip however these photos were taken about four years ago.
Following on from last Sunday, we left Cowra after being at the gardens and travelled north. As we drove on, the rain cleared and the skies became sunny and the weather a little warmer.
Tummies rumbling, we decided that when we reached the next town (that happened to be Forbes) we would look for somewhere to eat. Continue reading

Lessons from the young

The other day whilst visiting my family, we were sitting around the table after lunch and discussing the issues of the world and trying to solve them (as you do). The topic turned to a couple of high profile news stories in the media right now involving celebrities and sports stars.
We were then discussed a certain rugby league player who has just lost his place on his team due to a social media blooper.

Discussing allegations against other people, I said “Generally when there is smoke, there is fire”.
To which the Tween replied “But sometimes there is smoke because someone is just trying to start a fire”.

Very wise words from one so young.