Gratitude, Achievements, Smiles and Comfort Food

Today, being Friday, I am taking the time to reflect on the past week and what has occurred. My reflections however are being hindered by the onset of the ‘lurgy’ that both the Tween and the Garden Gnome have had and are still getting over.
The processes of my mind are fighting through a fugue and the urge to close my eyes and spend the rest of the day in sleep.
However there are things to do and places to go.Today, the GG was planning on taking some of the ever-growing brood of quails in the bottom of the aviary and releasing them into the wild on his sister’s block of land near Mt Barney. He has researched this particular breed of quails and found that they are also native to this area so he feels better in letting them go. Apparently it has been a very good breeding season for quails this year and there is no market to sell them on to produce stores or bird sellers at the local markets so letting them go around my sister in law’s dams seems to be the only logical thing we can do because their current place of residence is growing too small.
I am torn whether to go with him or not because part of me wants to crawl back into bed and sleep and the other part is screaming “Get out into the sun. Take your camera. Have a good day.”
Oh well. What a choice to have to make right?

So this week, I have been thinking hard what I have actually achieved and it’s looking pretty sparse.

  • I’ve made an owl softie
  • 99.9% finished embroidering toadstools onto a cloth tote bag
  • Begun making tops to go with the skirts I have already made for the grandchildren
  • Cleaned out and sorted my pantry (it’s the refrigerator’s turn next)
  • Emptied the ironing box again
  • Got rid of the layer of dust coating all surfaces in the house
  • Researched writing competitions in Australia
  • Finished reading 3 books (and started two others)

Not really a lot there but there is a bit of a start on things. However there is always much to be grateful for and blessings in my life.

  • The doves cooing and courting always make me smile
  • The sun on my face (and thawing my fingers and toes)
  • Online friendships that make me smile (and sometimes laugh out loud)
  • Ridiculous ads on tv that always make me smile
  • The grandchildren who came to visit
  • The news I am going to be a grandmother again (The Son this time)
  • Blue skies
  • Sales at Spotlight (purchased a few great patterns)
  • Shopping with my friend
  • Spending time with the Garden Gnome
  • Pride in watching the Tween play in the high school concert band
  • Good food

Speaking of good food, this morning I craved something comforting to eat. I was close to polishing off the last of the fruit cake I made last week but stopped myself and chose to soft boil two eggs instead. They were just what the doctor ordered when served up with some soft toast fingers and a sprinkle of salt. Yum. Warm goodness that warmed up my belly and my soul.

To round out this pretty eclectic mix of topics in my post today, I want to share some of the tv ads that have been making me smile lately.
My family think I am seriously strange because I laugh at them every. single. time.
And now that I am trying to think of them, they have completely slipped my mind apart from these two.
In this one, watch the biscuit (cookie) in the man’s hand. I laugh every time. (The GG thinks I’m strange).

And the next one will probably only be understood by those Australians who watch Home and Away (or those in the UK who do also). You’ve probably seen the ads for Snickers with Betty White. Well this ad is using a character from H&A called Alf.

On that note, I will leave you for now.
Have a wonderful and blessed day. πŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “Gratitude, Achievements, Smiles and Comfort Food

  1. Congratulations on an upcoming grandchild! How many does that make? I have eleven and the youngest is eight months and the oldest is sixteen years. I was just telling H last night that this is probably the end of babies until Andrew has children and the way he is so involved with school that will be years away! Maybe that is a good thing. πŸ˜‰ BTW Your list beats mine!


    1. This will be my fourth grandchild. I’m not sure if the Son and his wife will have any others as this little miracle is truly that and I think my oldest has drawn a line in the sand at three. lol The Tween still thinks boys are gross. lol


  2. It looks like you accomplished a lot more than you give yourself credit for. Also, I love your ‘grateful’ list. There is always something to appreciate!


  3. I somehow thought that Spotlight Sales would have headed that list Suz. πŸ˜‰ It really doesn’t take much to look around and find out what we have to be grateful for, yet so many people whine and whinge about what they don’t have instead of being grateful for what they do have. We had quails here about 5 years ago and haven’t seen any since, they’re cute. I share your enjoyment of the TV ad, plop!


    1. We didn’t end up letting the quails go. The GG is going to check out the markets this morning and speak to some of the people up there to see if they want them. If they do, he’ll drop them back to the market before it closes.
      I remembered the other ads that make me laugh last night. There is the one with the dog and the guy with the nail infection and any of the Perfect Italiano ones with Gordon Ramsey. They always make me laugh.


      1. The people don’t have a restaurant then? Just asking. let’s hope they find a good home. I love the nail infection ad, the dog not the nail. Erk!


  4. I’ve learned two things about action and sleep, and they seem to conflict with each other. (1) I learned when I was still a child to say “yes” to offers to do fun things, even when my instinct was to say “no.” (2) I’ve learned when I have a nap attack to yield to it, because if I don’t, whatever I do will be half-assed ’cause my eyes will close and my body sag. See? No help at all.

    I do want to note that you’ve been pretty productive!


    1. I like your term ‘nap attack’. I think I will use that one. It’s priceless.
      Seeing as I often have to succumb to ‘nap attacks’ I understand their importance. I have found that if I have a nap in the afternoon, I am able to sit in bed and read at night so it ultimately increases my productivity. lol


  5. Good morning Sue, enjoyed reading how your world is progressing.
    I thought Quails were a bit of a delicacy and saleable.
    Enjoyed your ad videos, I do know the Alf one but havent seen the other one.
    My Chilean wife finds some of our ads hilarious and others weird, I agree.


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