Through my Lens – Byron Bay

I have posted photos before from Byron Bay however on our last road trip (a few weeks ago), we passed through Byron once more.
Each time we visit we hope there will be less people, less traffic and somewhere to park at the lighthouse and each time we come away disappointed.
Byron Bay is located in New South Wales just below the Queensland border in the Northern Rivers region. It is surrounded by farming areas and is home to a magnificent beach that is popular with surfers.It is also home to many ‘alternative’ life-stylers. Byron Bay was once the last remaining whaling station on the coast of Australia however since whales have become a protected species their numbers are swelling and tourism has replaced the whaling industry as a profitable way of making money instead.
Byron Bay’s most notable feature is the lighthouse on the headland situated on the eastern most point of Australia.
Sadly, I have never had the opportunity to explore the lighthouse and its surrounds as it is a popular tourist attraction and in order to explore you need to either walk from somewhere near the base of the headland or pay $7 to park your car at the top.
If I recall correctly, there were a number of goats that used to live in the environs of the lighthouse once however these are now long gone.
I am thinking that the best time to visit Byron would be in the ‘off’ seasons and one day I hope to go back and spend enough time there to visit the beaches and surrounding areas.
Until then, I share with you my very bad photos captured on my little point and shoot from a moving car. πŸ™‚


23 thoughts on “Through my Lens – Byron Bay

  1. I visited Byron Bay in 1997 and it was a lovely little town. Then we returned in 2007 and it had changed so much – seedy, crowded, commercial. Such a pity. Lovely scenery around the town itself but a real disappointment to see it deteriorate so much.


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