Just another ordinary day

Welcome to a glimpse into the mad world that is mine…
The day started as any other with me arising before the rest of my family, making the Tween’s lunch, boiling the kettle for my cuppa and switching on the computer.
I then attempted to still my mind and meditate. This morning my mind was jumping all over the place for some reason however I managed to bring myself back to the present so I feel that I accomplished something. I felt at peace.

After the Tween had left for school, the Garden Gnome walked in to my computer/craft room and suggested we bath the cat. Although we had been discussing this as a way of dealing with the matting and knots on her back the previous evening, I honestly didn’t think he’d go through with it.
Apparently he was serious. The Tween (in her infinite wisdom) had said the night before “You know you should bath a cat at least twice each year don’t you”? I hadn’t seen her putting her hand up to do it though.
Once the Garden Gnome gets an idea in his head, he generally intends to follow through with it. Looks like we were going to bath the cat.
010-copyFearing bloodshed, I asked he proposed to go about this. He outlined a plan of attack and then proceeded to fill the laundry tub with soapy water placing a towel and some shampoo on the washing machine next to the tub. The plan was for him to hold her in the water and for me to do the washing.
Game on then.
The Diva, oblivious to the devious plans of the cunning masterminds whose home she inhabits continued with her usual routine of going through my waste paper basket, chewing paper and seeing what else she could get into.
The GG suggested I roll up the sleeves of my fluffy pink dressing gown and wait at the tub for him whilst he caught the cat and removed her collar.
The Diva, sensing what was about to happen, attempted to put her legs out to hang on to the edges of the tub however the downward pressure applied by the GG meant that her attempts were in vain. Into the tub she went. The muscles began to bulge on my brave trooper’s arms he held a writhing mass of hair in the warm, soapy water whilst I went to work with the shampoo.
And then the phone rang.
We looked at each other and wondered what we should do but decided that if it was important they would ring back. The phone continued for a couple more rings and then stopped. “Probably telemarketers” we both said at the same time.
However it was time to remove the now scrawny and bedraggled feline from the water. Placing her down on a towel, I draped it over her head and rubbed vigorously (well as vigorously as you can with a squirming object)  to remove excess water before placing her on the floor and attempting to attack the still very visible knots with a brush.
011-copy1Confined to the laundry for a while, the Diva spent the time attempting to repair the damage done to her once beautiful coat. Checking in on her about 10 minutes later and realising she was still a bedraggled mess, the GG took pity on the poor feline and decided we should put her out front in the sunshine. This could only be done with the two of us standing guard against any sudden bolts either toward the street or any birds who happened to stop by.
Our now subdued feline spent about 10 minutes in the sun grooming herself before we bought her back inside. She appears to have recovered well from her ordeal and is now back to her usual routine of sleeping in the sunlight behind the curtains and prowling the house.
I can’t help feeling as if she is plotting revenge though…….


28 thoughts on “Just another ordinary day

  1. Universal truth for the day: NEVER bathe a cat. That’s what their tongues are for. Why do you think they invented hairballs?

    Dan, the owner of two small, hairy dogs (Pomeranians)


  2. When I had a long-haired cat, I did indeed bathe her twice a year. She didn’t mind too much. I haven’t tried to bathe my short-haired cats. Although…when they cry at the door while I bathe the dog, I am tempted to toss them in, lol!


    1. More than likely. But she loves me to bits and is constantly around my legs or wanting a pat at the moment. Do you think she’s lulling me into a false sense of security?


        1. No. Poor Diva. We are looking at getting a grooming service for her although the GG reckons we should check the fine print because he still might need to hold her. lol


          1. oh lol…I used to take Hobbes to get him groomed when he was young but then he was really so docile that i could bathe him without him even meowing! He looked like a drowned rat though when he was done lol. Your Diva is just adorable!! Is she a Russian Blue?


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