Sunday Stills – Crowd Work

I’m not a person who enjoys crowds. I will tolerate them and I have been caught up in the crush of a mass of people all moving in the same direction on numerous occasions however I can’t say that I have photographed them.
On Sunday (after the high tea), the Garden Gnome told us about some markets on the beachfront and asked if we might like to visit. We thought it would be fun. (Well I did anyway. I love markets). So after we found a parking spot, I grabbed my camera and off I went. I thought this might be an opportunity to practice street photography and photography from my hip so I kept the camera on it’s strap around my neck and stopped on occasion to press the shutter. You know even when I am not looking through the view finder I still can’t take a straight photo!!
So as part of of Ed’s Sunday Stills challenge this week I present my view of the markets. (ha ha just realised it is still a little crooked even after I straightened it). 😀

It was a nice market and so very relaxed. I enjoyed taking photos and the Garden Gnome bought me a lovely bracelet/watch that is pretty funky. There was an awesome busker there (I even bought his CD which is something that I never do) that captured me with his bright smile and allowed me to photograph him. I’m still working on how to eradicate the two gentleman standing behind him watching me take photos from the photo. I’ll share it when I do.

Have a blessed day all.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Crowd Work

      1. Thanks. Dan Magnuson (the photographer) does a great photoshopping job. I had this one taken for the back cover of “Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses” because I figured I had to be honest and use a recent one. I really liked the one I used before, but I am a bit older now.


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