Wednesday Monochrome Madness

This week, I am back once again with my Monochrome Madness posting for the challenge on Leanne Cole’s blog. And once again her blog is filled with wonderful images from participants all over the world.
This week, I will share two images – my image for this week and my image that appeared in her post last week (but I didn’t share with you on this blog due to being away).suzjonesThis week’s image is of the hand of my GG and that of my newborn grandson. I took this photo many years ago but find that it works so much better when converted to black and white.
The funny part of this photo is that behind the serenity and peace captured in this moment, you can’t see his two sisters jumping on the couch beside their Pa and new brother. Or their tired mother shushing them because they were making it difficult for me to focus the camera.
You also can’t see the smile of absolute delight on the face of the Garden Gnome or his other aunt (my now-Tween) or the ruckus at the door caused by my daughter’s dogs wanting to be let in and see what all the fuss was about.
You just see a tender moment between a newborn and his Pa.
A moment captured for eternity.

In closing, I wish to share with you my image from last week.
At our last home we used to grow Gazanias. They are such bright and happy flowers and they translate well to monochrome.
IMG_4104-copyHave a blessed day all.


19 thoughts on “Wednesday Monochrome Madness

  1. So funny Sue, I did the same as you, when browsing through on my tablet early this morning I loved this shot instantly, its very emotional and speaks volumes, and then found it was yours and was delighted that it was. Perfect. Thanks for the back story as well, so hard to imagine from this picture that there was chaos abounding behind the scenes.

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