Music speaks to the soul…. or the head

I am one of those people who needs music in my life. I love listening to the radio and I have a huge CD collection.
My taste in music is eclectic and I listen to different genres according to what I am feeling at the time. I used to sing a lot. These days I don’t do it very often and I know that if I were to try it today, I would dissolve into a paroxysm of coughing. Or have doors slammed on me. 😉 Either way, the end result isn’t a good one.But music is one way of letting my soul fly free.

Right now, there is a song on the radio that sets my feet and body moving in time to the beat. I was caught by the GG doing head movements to it the other day. He was suitably impressed frightened by what he saw and begged me to stop doing it immediately. But I can’t.
Each time I hear the opening bars on the radio, my head begins moving involuntarily.
There is just something about this song and it’s beat that speaks to my soul.
The other night, it was playing on the radio as my son and daughter-in-law were taking me out for dinner. I wouldn’t let my son turn off the car until the song had finished. Luckily, it was dark and I was sitting in the back seat so they were spared the brilliance of my body and head movements. I would hate to have had them feel inadequate squeamish watching me.

So what is this song that sets my body to movement? It’s this one.

Of course you might not agree with my taste in music. That’s okay. We all have our own inner beat to dance to.
However, if you do like this as much as I do just don’t let anyone catch you doing the ‘head thing’. 😀


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