Quietening the Mind

I guess when your routine has been thrown out like mine was a couple of weeks ago, it takes time to get back into the swing of things once life returns to normal. (Although I have often asked myself exactly what ‘normal’ is for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ )
However, the hardest thing I have found since arriving back home is returning to my meditation practice each morning and stilling my mind from everything that is constantly swirling within.
I have done my best each day to sit in my chair (I can’t sit cross legged on the floor because my knees and back doth protest too much) with my eyes closed and concentrate on the inflow and outflow of my breath. I have tried valiantly to calm the restless monkey that is my mind but I’m beginning to wonder if I am making headway (see what I did there lol).
The truth is my mind has not stopped since I arrived home. It jumps from subject to subject even when I am not attempting mediation.
What tasks need to be completed?
What am I cooking for dinner this evening?
What will my next blog post be?
Question after question after question and endless thoughts. I often think “I should write that down” but when I pick up my pen or put my fingers on the keyboard, all those ideas just scamper off.

Each time my mind wanders off on a tangent during my meditation, I bring it back to task and attempt stillness until it once again slips its leash and runs offย  in a another direction.
Sometimes I admit that I have recalled things during my meditation time that I need to stop and write down or I will forget them later.
Then I need to start all over again.
Breathe in…… breathe out…..Where was I again?

Oh no, I forgot xxx’s birthday again this year. I must remember to call later.
Breathe in…… breathe out……
Oh hello cat, you’ve come in to join me.
Breathe in….. breathe out……. breathe in…….
Sounds like the Tween is out of bed.
Breathe in…… breathe out….. breathe in…. breathe out……
What do I need to get done today?
Breathe in….. breathe out….
Oh I give up!
I’ll try again tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Quietening the Mind

  1. It is very hard to concentrate on “nothing” when trying to meditate. I have music especially for meditation- chimes and things that help me to block out random wandering thoughts. Sometimes I do just give up!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Try this Suz: Get comfy, do the usual, breathe, centre your mind and let the chatter go on. Focus on the centre of your mind and place some huge, natural object there. A tree for instance. Keep looking at the tree and move towards it. Let the chattering continue. keep moving towards the tree, the chattering will slowly begin to fade. Don’t try and force it away, instead see a bird sitting in the tree and focus on that. Keep focusing and the noise should fade away. The more we try to stop something happening the more it fights back, so let it happen and it will go away.


    1. Thanks Laurie. I’ll try that.
      I find that I tend to run with my thoughts and then bring my mind back on track but it becomes a losing battle some days. I’ll let you know how I go.


  3. HI Sue, When my mind is jumping all over the place and sitting alone doesn’t work, I like to move my body first (doing yoga poses) and then sit and listen to a guided meditation. There is a lot on line to download. You may want to check out Yoga Nidra (guided meditation lying down) as well as meditations.
    Be easy on yourself. This is a time of transition.
    Val x


    1. Thank you Val. I will look online later today to see if I find some that I like. I have found that some guided meditations just don’t ‘do it for me’ (if you know what I mean).


  4. I wish you all success with your meditation Sue, I tried it once but it wore me out with the concentration of making my mind blank, music is my therapy, calms the mind and soothes the Soul.


    1. It’s not about making your mind blank Ian but rather encouraging it to be quiet. I love music when I am meditating as well so I understand your love of music.


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