Monochrome Madness Wednesday

This week is the 6 month anniversary of the Monochrome Madness challenge at Leanne Cole’s blog.
For something different, she suggested that we submit colour photos that look monochrome. Although not everyone did this, there are some extremely striking images in the list this week.
I struggled a little to find an image for this week and entered one that I thought was pretty good but it looks like it has a little too much colour when seen with the submissions of everyone else.
A little bit of background on my photo first.
Remember my post Seeing the World through Amber-coloured Glasses?
In that post I wrote about wishing to photograph what I saw through my glasses as the lenses add a certain something to my view.
Whilst we were on our last road trip, I began experimenting and taking photos through my sunglasses. I discovered that using my DSLR didn’t work and I didn’t have enough hands to balance it all without a tripod, but if I used my little Canon point and shoot then I got some half-way decent shots.
The photo I am sharing today was taken in this way.
By the side of a walking track, we found a patch where a fire had been through. I loved the way that my sunglasses seemed to bring a vibrancy to the charred trees and took several photos using the method of holding the lens of the camera up to the lens of my glasses. As there were many people on the walking track, I didn’t really want to look like a bit of *insert choice of adjective* so I shot the photos quickly. Most turned out blurred but this one I was happy with.

So that is the story – now for the picture.
006Have a blessed day. 🙂

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