On being a frog….. or a fish

Whilst my son was in the psych unit at the hospital, I visited each day. The nurses knew I had flown from interstate and were happy to let me in outside of visiting hours. This meant that some days I was there for 10 hours or more and became a common sight around the place.
When I was visiting with my son, many of the other consumers (yes, that’s what they called them) would ask if they could join us in conversation, starved as they were for contact with people other than staff in the isolation of their ward.
We never turned anyone away and welcomed them to join in to whatever we were talking about. Continue reading

A story from my son

I have hinted that something has not been right in our world for the past couple of weeks and I am hoping that the following story from my son will shed some light on this.
I asked my son to write this and he has willingly done so. He has asked that I edit it however I have edited it only to make it a little easier to read. These are his words and they are from the heart. Continue reading

Quietening the Mind

I guess when your routine has been thrown out like mine was a couple of weeks ago, it takes time to get back into the swing of things once life returns to normal. (Although I have often asked myself exactly what ‘normal’ is for me. 🙂 )
However, the hardest thing I have found since arriving back home is returning to my meditation practice each morning and stilling my mind from everything that is constantly swirling within. Continue reading

Music speaks to the soul…. or the head

I am one of those people who needs music in my life. I love listening to the radio and I have a huge CD collection.
My taste in music is eclectic and I listen to different genres according to what I am feeling at the time. I used to sing a lot. These days I don’t do it very often and I know that if I were to try it today, I would dissolve into a paroxysm of coughing. Or have doors slammed on me. 😉 Either way, the end result isn’t a good one. Continue reading

Releasing the past

I am now home.
I flew in yesterday (yes April I was on one of those long metal tubes suspended in the air) to my beautiful family after having spent the past 10 days with my son (who is also wonderful).
This morning as I updated my Louise Hay Daily Affirmations desk calendar  to the present date, I found the following affirmation for the day just passed:

“I release the past with ease. This is a great day, and I rejoice in it.”

Continue reading

What do you think?

I am away at the moment and the Tween has asked if she can do a guest post?
However she has no idea what she wants to write about and wants no input or editing from me,
The opinions expressed will be her entirely.
So what do you think?
Are you game?