Someone put a book on her head!!

Last night I was looking at my Tween (who will become a Teen before very long). She doesn’t like me looking at her. She thinks that when I do something is wrong and she become self conscious so I try to watch her surreptitiously.
As I was gazing at my little girl and remembering the chubby faced cherub with the ready smile she turned toward me and my memories dropped away. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse

Join me on our travels further south down the New South Wales coast to the little town of Seal Rocks and the Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse. I had discovered this little gem of a place whilst surfing the net one evening and suggested that we make it a point to visit on our road trip.
Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the village (because it is not big enough to be a town) of Seal Rocks itself  that consisted of many holiday homes, beach shacks and a general store/post office. We had a mission to reach Sydney by nightfall so if we wished to explore the lighthouse, then we needed to forgo further sightseeing as I had already wasted valuable time that morning in the book fair. 😉 Continue reading

Monochrome Madness – Inspired by Laura

Last week, I took out my macro lens and began playing with it once again taking quite a lot of photos, some of which I shared in my post “In My Garden”. However, I also took some others of cut flowers purchased from our local ALDI that are in a vase on my dining room table.
As I twas taking these photos, I was reminded of a photo that Laura Macky contributed to the Monochrome Madness challenge at the beginning of August “Sunflower Light“.
Continue reading

A life to be thankful for

So many of us (and I know that I am also guilty of this) whine about our lives. We are not happy with the way in which we were raised or we wish we’d not had to grow up in poverty. We were too spoiled or had a horrific childhood.
Well you get the idea.
There is always something that we are unhappy with.
It’s a shame really because like it or love it, the life we have is the life we have been given to live so we need to do the best we can to live it.
You may be wondering what has prompted this statement.
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Finding your Smile

Right now, I am struggling. There is no reason for this struggle to be occurring however it is.
I’m wondering if it is in fact tied in with the ever-present hormonal highs and lows that are part and parcel of being a woman of a certain,  shall we say distinguished, age?
Removing the cumbersome cloud that drapes my shoulders on a regular basis sometimes requires more effort than I am prepared to exert. These days become pyjama and blanket days unless I am forced by some familial obligation to leave the hearth and home and socialise with others as I was required to do yesterday. Continue reading