Kids these days….

What does any self-respecting tween do in the morning before school? They get together with their best friend and participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge for Motor Neuron Disease (that’s what we call it in Australia).
Last night, she filled the ice trays in the freezer in preparation for the predicted warm, sunny weather of the next day.
However things don’t always go to plan.
And the weather doesn’t always do what the weatherman says it will. This morning there was a fog and the sky is bleak and overcast.
Of course there is hope for the predicted sunshine and warm temperatures for later in the day, but that is then. Right now, the girls had to make the decision whether they were going to go through with the challenge.
You see people; whilst it has been Summer in the U.S. and northern hemisphere, those of us downunder have been dealing with winter.
Although today is technically the second day of Spring, the weather this morning is quite cool.
They decided they would do it so I ran and got my camera ready.

We had spoken with the Tween previously and told her that if she does this, then she needs to donate some of HER money. We aren’t giving it to her to donate.
She was okay with this and asked me to find out how she could donate.
So far, so good.

The preparations began.
The iPad was set up to record. The ice was placed in the bucket.
002-copyThe Tween was first.

007-copyI caught the whole thing on camera. There are lots more photos and I am looking forward to scrapbooking them (when I finally get around to doing this year).
The look of horror on my daughter’s face in some of the photos is just absolutely priceless. Her friend chased her with the bucket to ensure she got every last drop from it.

However, revenge is sweet.
Next up was her BFF.
012015-copyI could think of better ways to spend a cold morning though.

Oh, and Son…. you can rest easy. You weren’t in the nominations. But your sister was!!!! lol

20 thoughts on “Kids these days….

    1. I was so proud of them. I didn’t expect them to go through with it but they did. The day did to warm up to be quite warm later however this morning (although sunny) is windy. So they were probably better doing it yesterday.

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    1. I thought so. Although I have seen some ice bucket challenges done here in Australia where the weather is MUCH colder. Some have opted to wear wetsuits whilst doing it but I did see one young man I know wearing nothing but his boxers. Now THAT took courage. lol


  1. I’ve seen so many ice bucket challenge videos … I like the still photographs. Nice job, Girls, and good for you, Suz, for having the Tween donate her own funds.


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