Wednesday Monochrome Madness – Chess

It is week 27 of the Monochrome Madness challenge on Leanne Cole’s blog. This week she has had a lot of new photographers join in which is wonderful to see.
I asked Leanne when I met her a couple of weeks ago whether she chooses what to post out of the photos that people send her. She replied that nobody is turned away. So if someone has sent a photo and they don’t see it, it could be because her email plays up from time to time. So if you are thinking that this is something you would like to do, then jump in with both feet. The link to her blog is above and instructions are contained within the post.I was thinking the other day, that since beginning this challenge I tend to think in monochrome more and more these days. I have always liked the dramatic effect of black and white and now I find myself converting photos to monochrome regularly.
In fact, half of the entries that I put into the show were monochrome.
This photo is one of them.

Now for the story behind the shot.
(You know there’s always a story right)?
We were having a late lunch in Bellingen (inland from Coffs Harbour) at a little Swiss patisserie. Tables were set up outside and they were in demand; especially the ones in the sun.
The gentleman in the plaid took his place at a large bench table alongside a family and sat waiting patiently. Once he was joined by his friend, he set up the chess board whilst his friend began eating his lunch.
I took a couple of surreptitious shots (this one included) as I was fascinated by them both.
As we were leaving, I wanted to ask them if I could take some more photos (this time with their knowledge) but chickened out. The Tween offered to ask but then she chickened out as well. I secretly thought that if I asked if I could take their photo, it would put pressure on me for it to be a good one and if it wasn’t I didn’t want to disappoint them.

So here are my chess players of Bellingen (whoever they are). Thank you for providing enjoyment during my meal at an adjoining table as I listened and watched you passionately engage with each other over every move. ❤



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