Lunanista – Virtual Blog Tour

Jeanette has taken up the baton from my Virtual Blog Tour post last week and I have loved learning more about her and her reasons for creating her art journals concentrating mainly on gratitude. Jeanette shows through her creating that gratitude can assist in healing not just our minds but physical ailments also.


This Virtual Blog Tour was inspired by Sue Jones at It Goes On. I’m a little nervous and excited by this opportunity to share my creative process.

What am I working on?

My two big intentions for 2014 are contentment and to make good art. I’m really trying to have everything I am working on have those goals in mind.

My gratitude art journals are always a work in progress and usually don’t feel like work as much as they are part of how I move through my days. I enjoy focusing on specific artistic skills and techniques and stretching my limits in my journals. Now I am also working on larger collages that have grown out of my art journals. I have done a few drafts of an abstract garden color meditation collage that is coming along nicely. The sketches were in watercolor and acrylics with different cut paper…

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