Polly is visiting

Well Polly and my back have both come back from wherever they were both hiding so that is a good thing.
Well she is here right now anyway, so I’ll enjoy her company whilst I can.
At least that should make the First Born happy even though she didn’t follow her own advice and continued to call me regardless of whether it was Polly or Nellie who answered the phone each time πŸ˜‰So far, it has been a relatively busy week with decisions made and action plans being put into place.
I have spent far too long waiting in queues and on the telephone dealing with government departments. And that doesn’t take into consideration the time spent online with them either. Still you do what you need to do right?

I have pulled all of my study materials out and am working on a study plan to get done what needs to be done on my course. Each time I look at the course overview I wonder what I’ve got myself into but I figure one step at a time should do it. I am four months behind now so I need to get moving to catch up.

I have almost finished listening to the audio book I have on loan from the local library. I’ve had a few headaches this week so that has slowed me up a little in my listening however dozing off the other evening with the ear phones in lost me half a chapter as well πŸ™‚ I am really enjoying this whole audio book concept and had a lively discussion with a library representative at the Show last weekend about them also. She is quite the fan.
The young lass also gave me a pamphlet about study courses that I can look into through the library. There are over 500 courses available and they can be done in your own time. I have registered and once I get my study plan and timetable sorted, I am considering a couple of the writing courses on offer.

This week has also seen me belting out some songs. Well not exactly ‘belting out’ as I still can’t shake this cough I’ve had for weeks but I was singing loud enough for the Tween to turn up the volume on the TV to drown me out. Apparently listening to Nicky Minaj on Channel V is far more entertaining. My repertoire includes some Andrew Lloyd Webber and whatever else takes my fancy so I don’t think it’s quite her thing. πŸ˜‰

The other afternoon I was feeling inspired and picked some lavender from my garden and took photos in various positions around the house using the natural lighting of the afternoon sun coming through the windows. I just couldn’t find a spot where the whole background was neutral so some work in PS has been done on the photos to get the look I wanted.
I’m not sure which one I prefer so I’m going to put both up and a poll. They both have their merits and are quite similar but one is ‘warmer’ than the other.Β  I’d love to know your thoughts.

Okay, the stupid poll thing won’t work for me so I’m asking your opinion now. Left or Right?

Well, we have a busy day ahead of us including the joys of the weekly grocery shop, planning the menu for the next week and attending a funeral with the in-laws so I’d best get off this computer for now.

Have a blessed day all. πŸ™‚ And don’t forget – look for the beauty!


21 thoughts on “Polly is visiting

  1. The left–I like the hint of color in the back ground. Also…Nellie is visiting the States. My state in fact. My house. Sounds like you are finding some very positive activities. Glad your back is better. πŸ™‚


  2. I like the right one, too. And I love audiobooks. I have purchased a few because I also tend to nod off, so this way I just listen to them more than once. They are mostly by Pema Chodron, so I would listen more than once anyway. All that learning sounds so exciting! I find that learning is such a great antidote to depression for me. I hope you are feeling better on all fronts soon. I really love both of these photos, but prefer the one on the right.


    1. I have to be in the mood for learning – hence my four month hiatus from it that has now put me behind. Lots to catch up.
      Thanks for your comments on the photo too. Right seems to be the favourite one. πŸ™‚


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