SOCS Prompt – Average

Poor Linda. She has had a rough week. I guess she’d say that it has been pretty ‘average’ and so that is why she has prompted us this week to write about ‘average’ with her Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt.

Being that it is Saturday morning in my part of the world, I figured that maybe I might just take part in it once again. I’m a bit hit and miss with this prompt. I either ‘feel’ it or I don’t. This time, as I was struggling to come up with a post, my mind said “Linda will have the answer” and so here it is.
Upon reflection of my week, I would have to say that it has neither been average or above average. It hasn’t even been below average. It just was.
I have had high points and low points. I’ve even had a ‘don’t look at me the wrong way or I will rip your head off’ point.
But what is average?
To be honest, I have no clue.
After all, and average day for Kim Kardashian (who the Tween has discovered) differs vastly to the average day of a Somali refugee.
Therefore how can I say that my day (or week) has been average?
Which definition should I use?
Using the above example of Kim and the refugee, my week has either been abysmal or stellar.

I have worked on my studies, made a decision about my writing and book, practiced my photography, read (and finished) books, learned much from my reading and meditations, skipped a couple of days of meditating (and missed it), stressed over little things, had conversations with others, laughed, joked, gotten angry, done some sewing and mending, called my parents, played games on my iPad, watched television, visited with friends and family, shared meals with others, listened to music, enjoyed nature and….. well you get the picture.
My life has been full of these average things.
Or are they average?

I guess what it comes down to is that we are all going to have ‘average’ days and weeks and we will all react to them in different ways or take away different feelings from the things that occur.
It’s trite of me to say “It’s all in your outlook” however that is still a true statement.
The way in which we view an event, conversation, meal or anything else in our lives comes down to the frame that we put around it. (Much like a black frame adds more drama to a monochrome photo than say a light pink one). The event remains the same but the frame (or importance) that we give it changes how it looks to us.

Of course nobody is perfect and we are all human.
Hence my day yesterday where I wanted to rip everyone’s heads off for the tiniest things that they did or said. And then I hated myself for it.
But nobody else knew that.
I can tell myself that if I had put a different ‘frame’ around it then it would have changed my reaction and I would be right.
But human beings have human failings.

And so, on this (slightly overcast) Saturday morning, I sit and ponder my week that may have been average.

Or not.

18 thoughts on “SOCS Prompt – Average

  1. You absolutely hit the nail on the head when you said “my week has either been abysmal or stellar”
    How we wish to interpret our week is our choice. I choose “stellar” every time because I know there is someone out there having a sh*ttier time than me πŸ™‚


  2. Not trite at all, Suz. Things truly are all in your outlook. I have two cousins that only see the negative. No fun to be around at all. On the other hand, my other cousins see the positive and are a joy to visit.

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    1. I guess that makes all the difference doesn’t it? When your glass is half full, you still have much left to drink but if you’re glass is half empty you are going to hang on to every last drop and it will go kicking and screaming. πŸ˜‰


  3. By the sound of it Sue, an average week seems to be a diverse array of activities for you.
    You cram so much into your life that it must be considered an average hectic week.
    Keep averaging.


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