Someone put a book on her head!!

Last night I was looking at my Tween (who will become a Teen before very long). She doesn’t like me looking at her. She thinks that when I do something is wrong and she become self conscious so I try to watch her surreptitiously.
As I was gazing at my little girl and remembering the chubby faced cherub with the ready smile she turned toward me and my memories dropped away.
She was wearing her new mint green night dress that happened upon last week in Target and asked me to get for her. This is the little girl who hasn’t worn a nightie since she was about 5 or 6 preferring to wear shortie pjs and t-shirts to bed instead. This is the little girl who eschewed skirts and dresses a couple of years ago in favour of shorts, leggings or jeans.
I looked at my little girl and realised that she is little no longer.
My heart ached and a lump formed in my throat as I gazed upon a beautiful young lady.

In an instant I wanted her to stop growing up and stay little. I wanted her to continue to need me. I like having my baby girl around.
She is becoming so tall. She is almost as tall as her parents (not that we are tall) and that pleases her.
Gone is the baby girl I used to know.
The child who never sat still and was always exploring. The child her filled her pockets with rocks, stones or shells to add to her ever growing collection at home. The child who loved nothing more than to play in her sandpit with her Daddy or older brother. The child who loved creating and making mess.
The same child who constantly kept me entertained with her questions and views on what she discovered in the world around.
Do Giraffes Make Pizza

She looked up at me then with a questioning look on her face. “I love that colour on you sweetheart. It is so pretty.”
And then she smiled and raced outside to join her father hunting cane toads.

40 thoughts on “Someone put a book on her head!!

  1. It goes by so fast. I remember going to a school performance when my stepdaughter was 15 and I kept looking for her on stage only to realize I had been looking right at her- but she was so grown up I hadn’t recognized her in that moment. I was so so stunned really it brought tears to my eyes.


  2. They don’t tell you in the Pampers ads that the heart will be involved forever after, tightening sometimes. clutching at others. They don’t tell you the tears and fears and smiles will tumble over each other. They don’t tell you how you will miss your little ones even as you admire the big ones that emerge. Motherhood. engaged for life …

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  3. Amazing how fast they grow up! I look at my beautiful granddaughters and wonder how they got to be 29 and 21! but every stage brought it’s own special memories and pleasures, and still does.


    1. Yes, each stage does have it’s special memories and pleasures for sure Elaine. I guess that now I am older, I am recognising the passing of time more often than I used to. 🙂


    1. Only a couple that night. They are averaging a couple each night at the moment but it is still early days yet. Once it really warms up then there will be more. 🙂


    1. Oh yes. They are so beautiful when young.
      Yesterday I had the most marvelous conversation with a 5 year old relative of the GG about his amazing t-shirt that apparently never gets wet and dirt falls off it so his Mummy never has to wash it. lol


  4. Only a loving caring Australian could write those beautiful words.
    The littlest Princess is becoming a Queen.
    All was going well with my imagination then I burst out laughing.
    Only a little Princess could get fun out of chasing cane toads.
    Think you have you baby girl for a few years yet Sue.
    Emu aka Ian


    1. There are days like last night when the little girl is back. She her and her Daddy were sitting on the floor and playing games. It was wonderful to watch and listen to.


  5. I wasn’t blessed with children, and will never know what it’s like, but this post is a beautiful peek inside the heart of a mother. ❤


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