Through my Lens – Dorrigo and Bellingen

After bidding farewell to Coffs Harbout, we headed south for a short time before turning inland toward Bellingen and Dorrigo along the Waterfall Way.
Bellingen is nestled in the Bellinger Valley on the Bellinger River. It is lush and green and the grass looks almost good enough to eat.
The many dairy cows appeared to be well fed and quite content.
The town itself is quite old and the area is home to many artists and creative people. I was instantly in love with the architecture and atmosphere, however we drove straight through in order to reach Dorrigo.
Time enough to explore Bellingen on our way back down. Continue reading

SOCS Prompt – Average

Poor Linda. She has had a rough week. I guess she’d say that it has been pretty ‘average’ and so that is why she has prompted us this week to write about ‘average’ with her Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt.

Being that it is Saturday morning in my part of the world, I figured that maybe I might just take part in it once again. I’m a bit hit and miss with this prompt. I either ‘feel’ it or I don’t. This time, as I was struggling to come up with a post, my mind said “Linda will have the answer” and so here it is. Continue reading

In my Garden

This week I have been spending time in the garden with the Garden Gnome. Not actually gardening mind you, but enjoying what is there.
Of course I had to take photos. It’s what I do. 😀
Spring is here and my garden is coming alive. Much of what I found in the garden this week is often overlooked as we go about our daily lives. It’s the little details that we often don’t see due to the bigger picture.
And it is beautiful.
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Monochrome Madness Wednesday – Cape Otway

It’s that time of the week once more.
The day of the week when Monochrome rules supreme and the amazing talents of photographers world wide are on show for all to see on Leanne Cole’s blog. Don’t forget that anyone can send a photo to Leanne for this challenge. You don’t have to be a professional, or even have a you-beaut-bells-and-whistles camera. The instructions for submitting your photo is on her blog.

This week, my photo comes from many years ago when we were travelling the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Continue reading

Letting Go of Judgement

I was challenged yesterday by my morning meditation to consciously let go of judgement throughout the day.
Every time that I felt myself beginning to judge a person or a situation, I was to stop myself,  let go of those feelings and replace them with acceptance and love.
I figured that this would be pretty easy task for me as I believed that I’m  not really a judgemental type of a person.
Oh how wrong I was. Continue reading

Is it terrible to have forgotten something?

I ponder that question this morning.
In life, many things happen to us. These events shape us. They mold us and change us.
They make us the person that we are now.
Some events we will never forget.
We don’t forget the feelings of love, loss, hatred, anguish … or any other number of emotions that course through us with the memories of those times.
We don’t forget those who journeyed with us or the events surrounding what occurred.
But sometimes as we begin to live the ordinary of the every day, the little things begin to fade. Continue reading

Bookshelf Tag

I’ll admit it. I’m struggling right now to find wonderful and positively uplifting posts to share with y’all right now. Although Polly is visiting once again, she’s taking a while to settle in.
I am a couple of days behind on my blog reading and commenting and just read Joey’s post “Bookshelf Tag“. Although Joey didn’t tag me, she left it open to anyone who wished to tag themselves to do so. So I did. Thank you Joey. 🙂
I loved reading Joey’s answers and learning a little more about her. She’s a pretty cool lady who not only quilts but loves books. Awesome combination if I do say so myself.

So, I believe I have some questions to answer. Let’s the games begin! Continue reading

Polly is visiting

Well Polly and my back have both come back from wherever they were both hiding so that is a good thing.
Well she is here right now anyway, so I’ll enjoy her company whilst I can.
At least that should make the First Born happy even though she didn’t follow her own advice and continued to call me regardless of whether it was Polly or Nellie who answered the phone each time 😉 Continue reading