One Liner Wednesday – On Thursday

Brought to you by Linda Hill….

Although technically this was said on a Wednesday.

Background to the story is this:
Yesterday was really hot and the First Born, her friend and the children all came over to swim in the pool.
Mr almost-four was running on the concrete and me (Ma) called out to remind not to run.

First Born: Did you hear what Ma said?
Mr almost-four: Yes.
First Born: Well what did she just say?
Mr almost-four (in a high pitched imitation of my voice): Don’t run on the concrete

Everyone dissolved into laughter.


21 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – On Thursday

  1. You’ll be happy to know it was still Wednesday when your post arrived in my e-mail Suz.

    Ha! The little voice doing a Ma impression is too funny. Ha! I love it.

    Thnks Suz for making me laugh.


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