Just another day in Paradise

Isn’t it funny how after struggling with issues for so long, suddenly everything seems to change and you are at peace?
That is where I am right now.
At peace.
And with just a small sense of knowing that this is where I am happiest.
However, I am not silly enough to believe that this state of being will last because living in the real world brings with it real world demands and soon these demands will begin to knock on the door once more.
But right now, I am at peace.
The Garden Gnome has some short term work, the Tween has gone back to school and here I am at home.
On my own.
Loving it.
Please don’t get me wrong. I love having my family around me and I really love spending time with the GG but as we have both struggled to find our niche with neither of us working, he had begun doing things around the house that would normally be done by me; and I was letting him.
I was happy for him to do these things so that I could spend my time doing… .what?
Not much really.
However, now, natural order has been restored.
He leaves for work early in the morning and I get up and begin my new (old but not forgotten) routine of starting the chores around the house before firing up the computer.
I am up and down from the computer all morning as I do other things such as putting the washing on the line, bringing some in, making the Tween’s school lunch, dishes and all of the other small things that need attending to.
My home is solely my domain once again and life has been restored to perfect order.
This probably sounds terribly ungrateful for all the the GG has done whilst he wasn’t working, but it isn’t. Him going back to work (even if it is for only a couple of weeks) has given me the kick in the pants that I needed to get my priorities sorted.
So, now I feel free and I am finding joy in my day.

Of course, this will be short-lived as his contract is only for two weeks and I will need to bring in an income once again in the future as well. But right at this very moment, I am happy.

This morning I have been out in my garden and enjoying the birds visiting. The Willy Wagtails abandoned the three eggs in their nest and we have hardly seen them in the past few days. We don’t know why they left. Perhaps they were scared when the cover was removed from the pool. I don’t know.
However this morning, we had 2 male King Parrots, several Rainbow Lorikeets and three Sulphar Crested Cockatoos drop in for a visit. I put a little seed out for the parrots. Thankfully it was gone by the time the cockatoos dropped in. Although I managed to snap off a couple of photos of them, I made it a point to shoo them away. They may be beautiful to look at but those birds are extremely destructive so we don’t want them thinking that visiting our yard is a good idea.
005I also noticed that my Arum Lily has a flower. This is my first flower in almost two years as we don’t seem to be able to find the right place for the plant to be happy (it’s in a huge pot). I also have a miniature Arum Lily but so far no flowers from that.
017It’s not fully open yet but rest assured, more photos will be taken of it as it opens. Have I mentioned that the Arum Lily is my favourite flower?
I noticed that of the 15 or so tulip bulbs planted out a few months ago only two have come up. And both of them are white.
014In response to some of the comments on my ‘Downunder’ post a couple of days ago, I have searched my photos for some of family members posing with koalas. I found only one and it is really poor quality. Others seem to have disappeared from my hard drive or I have lost them somewhere so more scanning of old photos needs to be done. Unfortunately, many of the photos that I have from other family members have been placed into word documents. (I did this almost 15 years ago when my computer skills were not quite what they are now). This means that any photos I attempt to copy from the word document into photoshop so that I can save as a jpeg are poor quality.
Anyway, here is a photo of my mother and grandfather with a koala at Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane. The photo was taken sometime around 1948 or 1949.











I also mentioned that I have a photo of a Tasmanian Devil. These little critters are carnivorous and found only in Tasmania. Unfortunately a disease has been decimating their numbers so efforts are taking place to save them from extinction. They are mainly nocturnal animals so I was happy to get this photo of one (even if it was hiding).
DSCF4223Last but not least, I mentioned on the post of my friend “Daily Musings’ that I had a photo of one of my sister in law’s goats trying to eat my camera. I have oodles of photos of the goats but the GG snapped this one of Bozo (that’s his name) showing far too much interest in what I had and hoping that I had more iced coffee (yes he had just finished a bottle of it) in my hand.

Right after this photo was taken, Bozo wiped his nose on me.

Okay, today I have more emails to wade through and then I am going to tackle some sewing and study.
If you’ve made it this far, then I commend you! 🙂
Have a blessed day.


30 thoughts on “Just another day in Paradise

  1. I’ll be honest – I love my time alone! H will be retiring in about 18 months so I am trying to get in all the alone time I can while it’s possible. I get a taste of what it will be like every summer since he teaches and I really think I will be able to handle it. Let’s hope so! Sad you have to chase those cockatoos off. They are beautiful.


    1. Yes, they are beautiful but they have been known to chew tv antennae cables, wood on homes and even guttering. Better to be safe than continue to feed them and then they bring their friends in. 🙂
      I can handle having the GG around all the time but it’s sure nice to have my time to myself.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They are such a lovely flower Irina and were my grandmother’s favourite flower as well. I found another bloom on the plant and went out to photograph that one this morning. 🙂


  2. I had that same peaceful feeling when my husband went back to work after being laid up from surgery for 3 months. The quietness is so engulfing. At first, I would just sit at the kitchen table after he’d leave for work, immersed in the solitude.

    I hope your husband’s employment problems get resolved soon. ❤


    1. Well we don’t know Glynis. This is only a short term contract but he is hopeful that it may be extended. In any case, he is gaining experience in an area that he previously had no experience so it will be beneficial to him in the future. 🙂
      Thanks for your kind thoughts.


  3. I know exactly what you mean. It’s quite nice not to be needed or bothered — or interrupted! I enjoy it, too. I take the girls out at least twice a week so The Mister can be left undisturbed as well.


    1. They can be quite ferocious little creatures and they snarl and fight. They also have horrid little claws on them. I have never seen one in the wild (although I have only been to Tasmania once) but apparently it is rare to see them. The only places many people see them is in zoos.


  4. Amazing how those birds drop in for a visit! I know what you mean too about two not working. Dave and I both are not working now and we are in a smaller house than before too so it’s challenging to have some space to ourselves!


    1. Just about every woman I have spoken to agrees that as much as we love our men, it’s so nice to have time to yourself. I guess that is why many men like to have their ‘man cave’ or shed and their wives allow it! lol


  5. I’m happy to hear you have found peace, and that you are enjoying it, and not worrying about how fleeting it can actually be. I love the photos. We see parrot and cockatoos in cages. It makes me sad.


  6. It’s great seeing spring in your garden while we move into autumn here in England. It seems like years ago I was admiring my arum lilies.

    While you’re looking for things to do how about backing up your blog? Mine was hacked and I’ve lost it, or most of it. Some was backed up and that has been my saving grace. I’ve decided to start over with a new blog to be safe ad will be slowly adding what I can salvage of the old as and when I can. From what I can see this hacking thing is going on quite a bit on other WordPress blogs so better to be forewarned. If you fancy looking at my new blog, empty as it is, it’s http://www.iwalkalone.co.uk


    1. Oh dear. That is terrible. How do you go about backing up your blog?
      I was printing a lot of my posts off and have done about 4 months worth but I have another 9 months or so to go to catch up. I guess copying and pasting into a Word document might work.


      1. There is an export button in tools on your WordPress dashboard. I did mine in small chunks. What I didn’t do was choose my media library as well. Boy am I regretting that now! I’m also backing up each post on the new blog in a word document and saving the photos on my Mac. Can’t be too safe 🙂


        1. Thanks for that. I’m not terribly concerned about my media because my photos are all backed up already and the ones on my blog are merely low res copies but thanks for the heads up. 🙂


  7. Sounds like happiness has come to visit Suz. Enjoy. Those were wonderful pics of your garden and the birds, and a very funny one of you and the goat. I really think that most humans like to have time for themselves.Enjoy taht too.

    Great Post Suz. Thank You.


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