I’m so happy – a post for the feminine side

I figured that after the testosterone fuelled photos of the V8 Superboats yesterday, I might share a little yin to that yang.
I mentioned a few posts ago that I finally had a flower on my Arum Lily plant after two or three years. Well, I discovered not one – but two flowers!! I was over the moon and subsequently photographed them both.

Then I noticed that my tulips had managed to produce ONE flower out of the dozen or so bulbs planted. So that was photographed also.
Then yesterday afternoon as I was bringing in the clothes off the line I noticed that my Miniature Arum Lily that I have had for a number of years had also flowered!!!
Blessings upon blessings. I am so happy.
I was so excited that I actually shouted out to the Garden Gnome but he didn’t hear me as he was engrossed in watching a replay of the last laps of Sunday’s Bathurst race. When I went inside to tell him, he managed to pull himself away from the screen for a millisecond to acknowledge this achievement. lol

So… cue happy music…. I am sharing my flowers with you. πŸ™‚ May you be as happy as I was. (Or at least pretend to be lol).



32 thoughts on “I’m so happy – a post for the feminine side

      1. I had been very well, but after being bullied earlier in the week, have been struggling a bit since Monday. However, this is just a hiccup, and I know I’ll get over it very soon πŸ™‚ The bullying – for want of a better word – wasn’t so bad in itself, and at the time I dealt with it really well, but it brought up a lot of difficult things. However, I am strong, I have loving friends, and I will most definitely move through this back into a better space!


        1. Of course you will. You have been doing so well and have every reason to be proud of yourself.
          I’m sorry that you were bullied. Unfortunately in this world, it is becoming more prevalent.


          1. Thank you so much, Sue. I simply cannot believe that people still consciously treat others so badly, after all the publicity in our mainstream media about bullying, etc! Ah well. I keep disciplining my thinking and using a mindful awareness of the tricks my monkey-brain is playing to stay positive. Still, I did spend quite some time in tears on Tuesday, the day I was supposed to make a video, so that didn’t happen. El Bastido!

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  1. They’re stunning. πŸ™‚ Over the last few years, I literally take the time to stop and look at flowers. I just find it amazing that nature can create something so beautiful and colorful, all of them so unique from one another.


  2. Those are beautiful! Beautiful flowers are always good for a smile. πŸ™‚ (Side note: I apologize for having missed so many of your posts. I’ve been feeling unwell for a while, but trying to get back on track.)


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