Monochrome Madness – Time for Tea

I have discovered that not everything converts well to monochrome. I spent some time the other day converting photos to black and white and discovered that some photos that I thought would look great didn’t and others that were borderline looked wonderful with some tweaks.

For this week’s Monochrome Madness challenge on Leanne Cole’s blog, I chose a photo that I took at the Teacup and Tea Pot display in ToowoombaΒ  a couple of weeks ago.
This tea pot was nestled in swathes of satin up on a shelf and I just fell in love with it’s colour (purple and mauve). I think it looks just as wonderful in monochrome.
So, won’t you join me in a cup of tea?

I'm-a-little-teapotI am a little disappointed with the strip fluorescent lighting that is visible on the tea pot and I guess I could spend some time in Photoshop getting rid of it but that may be a job for another day.


28 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness – Time for Tea

  1. I like this shot and it has enough contrast to work as B&W. It true what you say that not all photos converts well to B&W. Some suit colors.
    The fish that I posted in Monochrome Madness this week works better without the colors.


  2. Nice effort Sue, I’m experimenting at the moment too, and some pics definitely dont come out as good as expected in black and white, I have to be quite selective in the subject matter before I am convinced its worth in trying, some things just arent meant to be black and white.


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