Monday Smiles – Television ads (again)

Many times, television commercials just get it plain wrong. I must admit that I really can’t stand the ads that show the perfect family enjoying unrealistic ‘quality time’ and smiling at things you just know you would pull your hair out over.
I prefer the ads that make me laugh or smile although I must admit that I have certainly enjoyed a lot of laughs with the Garden Gnome as we make fun of the unrealistic ads.
Like this Jeep ad

It’s not a funny ad but it leaves it wide open to outrageous observations such as “They had to hock the lawnmower” or “The house is up for sale now”.

This one for McCain’s fries is good for a smile and an awww how cute.

But the last two always get a laugh from me.
If you look closely at the first one, you’ll see Surfers Paradise and the rocks at Currumbin Beach in it.

And last but not least, my favourite Gordon Ramsey ad

I hope you smiled this Monday. 🙂

28 thoughts on “Monday Smiles – Television ads (again)

    1. There are a couple of gems on tv right now. I’m always looking for stuff that makes me laugh. I don’t generally buy the product but I like a good laugh. 😉


  1. Love a clever add. Good eye Sure I didn’t see Currumbin before and it’s as clear as a bell! Shows I don’t really “watch” them that well. Maybe I need Specsavers! !!


    1. I only noticed it the other night and had the GG check it out as well. He worked out where on the beach they probably filmed it. Then when I was looking for the youtube clip, I found a ‘making of’ clip that showed the beach and the rocks in more detail.

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  2. Thanks for the laugh!!! I hope you don’t give kljglkjdfsm any response. People who think they know all, and bombard others with their false superiority and can hide behind a computer screen and be as rude as they wish, are actually worthy of the trash icon. While I agree that everyone has a right to express themselves in any way they wish. If one doesn’t like what is being written, then they should simply not read. Nobody is forcing anybody to read their blog. If the above person doesn’t like what you are blogging, change the channel. In fact, if you want narcissistic blogging, you’re free to read mine. I’m sure you would find the same on my blog, but please, don’t feel compelled to follow me as you would find mine boring as well.


    1. Thanks for your support April. Yes, I replied but only to call them out.
      The thing is, I never malign any of my coworkers and I am as entitled to my opinion as the next person. Actually, I believe that I have even blogged about that before.


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