Is this a sign of creativity?

I am many days behind in my reading but found this blog post by Doobster over at Mindful Digressions that made me immediately think “Oooh, I should blog about that too”. Doob’s post was in response to the Daily Prompt however mine is in response to his post 😉
According to Doobster (and the American Psychologist’s Society) a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind.
I take heart that this is the case rather than laziness on my part in keeping my various work spaces clear of detritus.
Exhibit 1:
003This is my main computer desk and workspace. The place where I spend many hours each day reading blog posts and emails. It is also where I write.
As you can see, I cannot do this without my teapot (see that little black thing that blends into the printer and part of the desk?) and my cup. Said cup was given to me by the First Born for Mother’s Day and tells me how special I am. (awww). I also have a heat pack that I use for my back permanently in place on my chair.
My daily calendar and affirmation sits above the cup and within eyesight, along with several notebooks, study notes, bills and recipes I have printed out.
I do regularly clear this space but it never fails to become messy within a couple of days.

Exhibit 2:
004This is my main work desk for creating. As you can see, I pulled out some fabrics to sort through and they haven’t found their way back into the cupboard just yet. It also contains a pile of photos waiting to be scanned, some Christmas things I have been buying throughout the year to add to my Christmas stash and general creative things. FYI – the empty wine bottle is there because I want to remove the label and use it on an art journal page 😀 (for those of you interested it is Rumours Pink Moscato by Warburn Estate and it was very nice).

And finally, we get to Exhibit 3:
005This is nowhere near as bad as it was this time last week because I cleaned it up before my mother came to visit 😉
As you can see, this is my sewing table although my cutting mat is buried under current projects awaiting their finishing touches and some hand sewing. What you can’t see is the huge ass box of ironing under the table. lol

I do believe that Doobster’s prompt asked which was messier, the bedroom or the work space? I would have to say that my work spaces win hands down in this house (unless you count the pile of books beside my bed 😀 ).

So, if a messy work space is a sign of creativity then my creativity knows no bounds.
What about you? Care to share?



43 thoughts on “Is this a sign of creativity?

    1. Ha ha Mona. Really? the first desk is tidy?
      Actually it is worse now because I have pulled out photos and newspaper articles to scan and they litter both the desk and the floor beside it.


  1. Well, I still have a much messier mess than you–even in the bedroom because that is also my craft/sewing area is. Not much creativity in there. In fact, I have no inspirations or creativity in all my little mess piles either. 😀


  2. Dear sweet Jesus….you people think this is messy?! …. bwahahahahah. 😉
    Doobs desk is perfect?! Your places have lots of stuff (fairly) but it looks organised!
    My family must be creative GENIUS’s’s’s’ then Suz. No I am NOT putting pictures 😛


                  1. Doubtful hun – LOL!
                    OK OK – maybe a snap of my dining room STILL unpacked 2 months after moving in? I NEED some cupboards so bad around about now 😦 clothes still in a suitcase…see – so atleast yours may be pressed better then mine…even if they are straight out that hiding place under your sewing table. heheheheh

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  3. I couldn’t believe I’m not creative just because I’m tidy. Surely there’s a curve for people with anxiety disorder? I can’t function in a mess. I just can’t. I don’t judge any one else’s messes, in fact, sometimes I’m jealous, but I just can’t focus when things aren’t tidy 😦 And I like to think I’ve made a lot of progress…
    Whatever works for you — I love your creations!

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    1. That’s it exactly Joey! You do whatever works for you. It’s only a label being bandied about to make us messy people feel good about ourselves I think. lol
      And I love your creations as well. Even though I have only read of your painting the house, you have my envy there.


  4. Since my workspace is my laptop….my screen has smudges and sometimes there are crumbs from whatever I’m eating that have dropped onto the keys. Just yesterday I spiffed it all up so it looks brand new. I get tired of trying to clone smudges out of my images loool.


  5. My husband always questions how I can get anything done with all the messiness. I don’t know the answer. I just know it works for me. And whenever he tries to clean things up things get misplaced, lost, forgotten about. Luckily he leaves my desk alone!


  6. Between you and me we could sign up for creative Mensa’s if there were such a thing. My desks are always messy. At home and work so I must be really creative . If it’s put away I can’t find it.


  7. Ha! great pictures Suz. I am definitely in the creative zone as well. My desk is so full that there’s no room for my laptop, so I have it on a small table positioned so that if i turn one way in my chair I’m at the desk and when I spin around I’m at the laptop. My screen looks like Laura’s – lots of spots. I clean it regularly but often find myself trying to take out periods or commas during an edit, that aren’t there. Ha!

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  8. Tend to agree with you there Sue, a messy desk does indicate a creative mind.
    My wifes desk is messy yet she knows where everything is, also she uses her desk
    for any and every project she is working on, so continue to be messy and creative Sue.

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  9. My husband is very OCD about tidiness so my workspace is generally fairly tidy, unless I’m in it. I don’t have a desk, just a chair and a laptop or iPad but my whole life is organised chaos with hubby running around trying to tidy it. Still, it keeps him busy.


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