Kindness is a way of life

Often we read or hear ‘feel good’ stories where a person has gone that little bit further and extended a kindness to those who need it.
This is not a bad thing.
In fact, it is absolutely brilliant.
I have blogged so many times about kindness and its effects not only upon ourselves but on those around us.
However, I believe that in our efforts to point out the kindness of others through the avenue of social media, we often overlook the every day kindness of those around us.

Although the acts of kindness of our family, friends (and sometimes complete strangers) aren’t magnificent or newsworthy, they are acts of kindness and selflessness nonetheless.
What about the neighbours who collect mail and watch homes when someone in their street is away?
Or the lady who ushers you ahead of her in the line at the supermarket checkout?
The gentleman who opens the door and holds it open whilst you manoeuver a baby pram?
The person who races after you to give you back whatever you may have just dropped or left behind?
A mother who drives to school to pick up a child to save them walking home in rain?
I’m sure that you could add many other examples to this small list.

Many would say that these are the acts of person showing common decency or love but are they not also acts of kindness?
It really isn’t hard to incorporate kindness into your life and become a selfless person. To do this is to become more self aware.
Acts of kindness don’t have to be the stuff of heroics. They can be a million little things. Little things that are often overlooked but when practiced on a daily basis become part of the fabric of our lives and that of others.
Kindness is like a smile.
It is contagious.

So here is my challenge to you today.
Be aware.
Be selfless.
Be love.
Be kind.

Blessings to you.

26 thoughts on “Kindness is a way of life

  1. Yes I agree it’s the little everyday opportunities you and others spot to be kind to others that make all the difference. It’s always been important to me ….
    Interesting too to note the opportunities others have that they miss … Don’t even see them as possibilities ….
    Thanks for your blog. A good day to start a wet London day!


    1. Oh dear. Send some of that wet stuff our way if you like. We seem to be having overcast days but no precipitation along with it lately. The ground is getting quite hard.


  2. I agree Suz and I do try to maintain this philosophy. I was reading an article recently where the reporter was inteviewng centarians (100+ years old) and asking what each thought was the most important qualitty in life. One 105 year old lady answered thusly: ” When I was young, I thought that beauty was the most important quality. As i grew older I decided that power was the most important. And now I know that kindness is that ultimate quality.”


  3. You are right in all the little things that go to make up an act of kindness Sue.
    But the nicest act of kindness you can give to anyone is a smile.
    Have you seen the face of an elderly person as you pass by and smile, or seen the mischevious grin and the twinkling in the eye, of a small child or baby in a pram.
    A simple smile is the greatest gift of kindness, it portrays a social harmonious relationship, one of acceptance and mutual love.


  4. Kindness is very unexpected from others, and I find that sad. I came around a corner at the grocery store, and a lady in a wheel chair was doing her shopping. I said hi, and with an actual smile. She looked stunned, then smiled back and replied. I felt good, but most of all, I hope she felt good.


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