Backing up – and a laugh

I’ve been reading too many blogs lately about the perils of not backing up.
I thought I had a pretty good system for my backing up and I try to do it regularly.
I back up to two external hard drives and then I burn to CD/DVD. However the other day I was informed that CDs can fail after 5 years or so.
This threw me into a bit of a panic, so for the past few days I have been copying a lot of my CDs made 10 years or more ago onto my external HDs.
I am contemplating purchasing little USB drives to back the external HDs up to as apparently they have a longer life span.I only had one CD fail but luckily I had duplicated my back ups onto CD so I didn’t actually lose anything. *wipes brow*
In the process of doing all this,Β  I realised that I have also found photos that I previously thought lost when I must have cut and pasted rather than copied. *blush*

Since I am doing all this backing up, I decided to scan newspapers and other articlesΒ  that I have stored away as well as some old photos that I no longer have negatives to, or were given to me by family members.

AndΒ  I found this:
You’ve got to love the free newspapers in a country town. Full of typos but also misplaced headlines.
This is my First Born (in the front row) with her cheer squad “The Taipans” who had been performing on the streets during a local festival in 2003.
Bst-Shire-News_Views-18.06Can you see why I laughed?

If you’re going to use a photo as a filler then please watch where you put it! πŸ˜€

42 thoughts on “Backing up – and a laugh

  1. Let the punishment fit the crime; let the headline fit the photo above it. That’s funny. And thanks for reminding me. I back up my files to my external hard drive the first of every month, and that’s only about 10 days away. I need to put a reminder on my calendar.


  2. Ha! I laughed out loud at the headline under your daughter’s group Suz. Too funny.

    I’m just starting out in the blogging world and don’t do photos yet (of my own). I hadn’t even thought about backup. I’ve had good luck in the past and this laptop has the contents of the past two on it as well – passed along when the drives were copied when I updated. What would you suggest for back-up for a newbie like myself just getting started?


    1. I think you need to work out what sort of backing up that you wish to do Paul. Because I take thousands of photos, my backups are important. That’s why I have the external hard drives and also (until this point) the CD/DVDs.
      I also back up my writing and any other important things that I don’t want to lose including all of my digital scrapbook designs (that I made).
      As to backing up your blog, there is an option in your dashboard under tools that allows you to export your blog and save it to your hard drive. πŸ™‚
      Hope that helps.


    1. I still find it funny. I posted it to my FB page and my son made some awful comment about the photographer and journalist knowing his older sister very well πŸ˜‰


    1. It’s a big job and I am still not finished. It’s one of those things that you put off and put off until you really have to bite the bullet and get started on it.
      Good luck with yours.

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    1. I am sorry to hear that. I have discovered that I am missing a whole lot of photos from the early 2000’s so I am wondering if I failed to back them up. I have the hard copies printed out (and scrapbooked) but not the digital files.
      That makes me sad.


      1. I lost a bunch when yahoo. photo moved to another … online photo site in the early 2000s. I then lost my big travel scrapbook during the relocation in 2007. Heartbreaking, to say the least…


        1. I’m sure it was. I am beginning to think that having hard copies of our photos is also a great plan. I guess it is easier in this day and age of cheap photos to do this.


  3. I’m a stickler for spelling and could see something not right, had to reread it till it was glaringly obvious, as for back ups Sue, thats an area I dont much go into, I see a real need for it but at the moment not really concerned with more computer learning, I have lots of stuff on my usb’s and a few of my writings, but if it goes in time, then so be it, at least it was there once.


    1. But it wasn’t just the spelling Ian, it was the misplaced headline below it that made me laugh also. πŸ˜€
      I would be devastated if I lost my photos because I am also the family historian so I have countless photos from family members up to 100 years old. These have all been scanned and backed up as well.

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  4. The little caption underneath made me laugh, but I had to read the remarks in yellow. I didn’t see the word ‘onlookers’ and was wondering about the impromptu in front of a thousand hooves. Yeah, I need new reading glasses, and I also have to back up my photos! Yikes! Thanks for the reminder.


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