Monochrome Madness Wednesday – A rose by any other name

This week I have chosen a photo that I took quite some time ago to enter for the MM Challenge on Leanne Cole’s blog.

I used to belong to our local camera club however with one thing and another I stopped attending. One day, one of the members (who lives only a few doors around the corner from me) knocked on the door and asked if he could pick some flowers from our garden for use in an workshop that afternoon.
I was more than happy to comply with his request. To cut a long story short, I attended the workshop and learned a few things about shooting in a darkened room using artificial light. I took a few wonderful photos on that day and returned home determined to try it out for myself.

The following photo is a result of my home experiments in our cramped spare room with the subject on the sofa under the window.
I really must try this technique again because the possibilities are endless and are not just confined to flowers.


27 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness Wednesday – A rose by any other name

  1. Thats great Sue, but how the hell do you take a picture in a darkened room just using artificial light ?, my camera just has flash of setting apart from others like close up or portrait.


    1. You need to put your camera on a tripod and set it to ‘bulb’. I generally attach a remote cable as well. Set your image up with a black background (my rose was clipped to a block of wood with a metal rod in it – both painted black) and set on some black fabric. Darken the room and then press your shutter to open whilst using a small light (I used a little LED keychain light) to light the areas of your flower. Close the shutter. I think I had about 10-15 second exposures but longer works as well.

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