What the world needs now

I woke up this morning with a song in my head.
I know its strange but this often happens to me and I have to wonder what it was that I was dreaming about prior to waking to cause this phenomenon. I remember a lot of my dreams but there are many that I don’t.
However I digress….
This morning I woke up singing an old song from the ’70s that contains the following lines:

“What the world needs now, is love…. sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of”

and I thought “What has changed in the last 40 years”?
Of course there is much that has changed:

  • We have phones we can carry in our pockets.
  • Computers no  longer fill an entire room but can be held in our hands.
  • We no longer have to wait by the mail box to hear from a friend overseas. It can be done in a matter of seconds through the wonders of the internet.
  • Cars go faster than was ever dreamed possible and are designed with more curves and less angles.
  • Man has been further than the moon.
  • Money looks basically the same (with a few little tweaks here and there) but it doesn’t hold the same value that it used to.
  • The world has become smaller as cheaper air fares enable easier travel.
  • Cameras no longer need film and we are able to see our photos the second they have been taken.
  • Political correctness has become a way of life.
  • Books can be read on a screen as many eschew pages and binding.
  • Our conversation is now peppered with acronyms.
  • A person no longer has to leave their  home to earn a university degree or undertake learning.
  • We can chat with someone 1000 miles away in real time and see their face whilst doing so.
  • People are able to shop in the comfort of their own homes and can even purchase items that are not readily available in their own country and have them shipped right to their door.
  • We no longer have to wait in a queue at the bank to conduct financial transactions
  • News stories from around the world are delivered to a computer screen almost as they happen.
  • Policing has gone beyond finger printing and now identifies people through their genetic makeup (or DNA)
  • We no longer need a map to work out where we are when lost. We can just pull out our phone and it will tell us exactly where we are and where we need to go.
  • Electricity is no longer created solely through the burning of coal but harnesses the power of both water and air.
  • We no longer need to carry money in our purse or wallets. There are little pieces of plastic that pay for things.
  • We no longer spend hours in the sun working on our tans because we have learned that this can cause cancer (although there is still no cure for that disease).

And this list is by no means exhaustive.

Although much as changed in the world since I was a girl (and much of it has been for the better) so much has stayed the same or in fact deteriorated.
Wars are still a fact of life.
Hate is still alive.
Murder, rape, paedophilia, sex crimes, child exploitation, slavery, incest, abuse and loss of innocence are still rampant in society today. The mere fact that I am able to list these things is testament to that very statement.
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say “What is mental illness” or “What is terrorism”?
But I am unable to do that.
Unfortunately I am able to write these words because I am aware of these things and that is so terribly sad.
I was born into the world innocent and untouched by any kind of negative thing. I was nurtured and loved by those around me.
And then as I grew the cocoon that had protected me was ripped away piece by piece and I could see the world for what it has become and realised that not everyone knows love.

Here we are 40 years after a singer and songwriter brought to our attention an appalling lack of love in the world the knowledge that there is still a huge black hole sucking that love away.

Every individual was born with the capacity for kindness, empathy, gratitude and love.
Every.  single.  person.
So what has happened for them to lose this ability?
What is the answer to the sadness?
What is the answer to achieving peace amid the turmoil that is unfolding?

It is love.

Pure and simple.

And the world needs it right now.

It only needs to start with one or two people.

And I am only one….

34 thoughts on “What the world needs now

  1. Great words, great post. And so incredibly true too. I remember this song from when I was young, good music. You are not alone with songs that pop into your mind from seemingly nowhere, this has happened to me for many many years…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sticking with me through my jumbled thoughts John.
      Yes, it is a good song and is still just as relevant today.
      I guess music really has a powerful influence upon us if lyrics pop into our heads at random times hey?


  2. This post is very true and very thoughtful. Our thoughts are often scattered into a million different directions, but when you wake up singing, you know that for just a moment you can live right there. The world does need love, lots of it. Thank you for sharing 🙂



  3. ..and I am another. That makes two 🙂
    Another beautiful post Sue.
    Amidst all of the sadness and strife, while ever there are people who care.. There is still hope… and love x


  4. I remember my children asking me what my favourite video was when I was a child and I said we didn’t have videos, they were shocked, it was a world they couldn’t imagine. I remember when you could only watch black and white tv, you had to make tea with tea leaves, and there was no such thing as margarine. It is amazing when you think back, and how much has changed. Great post Suz.


  5. Great interesting reading Sue, think the biggest change has been Cameras no longer need film and we are able to see our photos the second they have been taken.
    I recall my dad buying a new toaster, you just opened both sides of the toaster and the bread changed sides, microwaves and remote controls would have been from the future for them, rest their Souls, televisions that cover the walls unbelievable, and most unbelievable would be the confrontation of warfare direct into your room, not like old TV’s but real life with soldiers wearing head cams, wonder what the world will be like long after we are gone, and more importantly, did our existence make a difference ?


    1. I’ve used one of those toasters. In fact I grew up with my grandmother’s one. 😀
      I have to wonder what sort of contribution many of us make to the world. We can but try to do the best we can each day.


  6. I always thought that with knowledge came understanding but it seems not. One would think with the closeness brought to our societies through our improved communication methods so too would tolerance grow as we learned not to fear that which wasn’t akin to our own ways but to realise different doesn’t mean wrong nor bring a need for us all to be the same. I think we need to develop acceptance and understanding and through that perhaps love will emerge. Works on a small scale in relationships 🙂


    1. But then even many relationships are one-sided these days and people enter into marriage with unrealistic expectations… but that is a whole other blog post 😉
      It is true that you would think there would be more tolerance in the world today however the reverse appears to be true as people become more isolated from the community around them.


  7. The yin and the yang…it seems we cannot live within one feeling without the other creeping in. Maybe that’s cynical but it’s what I’ve come to believe. What we seek, that ultimate happiness, doesn’t exist on this earth but in another realm where we came from and where we will go when we leave this earth. And oh, thank you for the ear worm. 😛


  8. I’m sending m love to you from my part of the world to yours.

    Oh, and I don’t know if you know of the chicken dance that some in the USA do, but I woke up with that little tune in my head recently. Horrible,and I have absolutely no clue where it came from.

    I think there are many who love, but are afraid of being vulnerable, and being dismissed. To me, that doesn’t matter, and I am one of the most vulnerable people I know. I can now say it when I truly feel it. The others? They at least deserve my respect–until proven different.


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