Sunday Stills Challenge and other random ramblings…..

Happy Monday world!
It’s not Monday in your part of the world yet?
Not to worry. It soon will be. 😉

As I type this I am once again seated at my infamous messy creative space. Actually, it is a lot messier now as I am still scanning photos and have them scattered around the place. I have a feeling that I am doubling up on my scanning and have the same photo in more than one category folder but oh well. 🙂 I guess that just makes them easier to find later.
Much has been happening in my part of the world.
The GG has been busy and some job opportunities have presented themselves. Not sure what will happen with them but you never know.
Right now he is down with The Son helping him finish packing up his house before they hit the road tomorrow for the long drive back to our little town. He flew out late yesterday and last night was our first night without him. The Tween moved in on his side of the bed but I don’t think either of us slept that well.

This week is a busy one with the kids moving back, the Tween’s school Awards Night (hope the GG is back in time) and my DIL’s baby shower on Saturday. Although she isn’t due until February, her family are travelling down this week for a wedding and we chose this time for the shower so they could be here as well. The First Born has much of this under control however has sent out an SOS to me for assistance in the planning. Therefore a lot of this week will be spent cleaning my house and getting things together for this major production which is themed red and white/Minnie Mouse.

Over the weekend the Tween had me photographing and listing some of her clothes on a local FB selling page as she feels that she needs new clothes and wants some money to buy some. That has kept me busy also with following up and meeting up with buyers etc. I told her that I should take a commission but she didn’t agree with me.

We had a house guest the other night after the neighbour across the road found a baby galah that had fallen from a tree. He didn’t haven anything to keep it in until he could get to a vet and asked if we had a cage (we did). As he is a truck driver and had a very early run the next day, he asked if we could keep it overnight. So we hung it in the back room where the canary used to hang. The Diva spent most of the night plotting ways in which to reach the cage. The next morning I attempted to feed the bird a mixture of water and weetbix from a spoon. It attacked the spoon and sqwarked and carried on enough to frighten me into discontinuing. So it sat quietly in the cage until our neighbour collected it that afternoon.
Last night, he scared the bejeebers out of the Tween by appearing at our front door (it was open with the security screen locked) as she walked past.
He has been putting the galah up in the tree through the day and the parents are coming in throughout the day to feed it. He then gets it out of the tree at night and puts it back into the cage to protect it from roaming cats. It appears to be thriving so we are quite happy about that.
He then asked if we wanted a small dog that his wife (a vet) had rescued…….. no doubt there will be more to come on that story.

Now that you have reached the end of my ramblings, I will share my take on Ed’s Sunday Stills challenge for this week. The challenge is ‘Fall Foliage’.
In my part of the world, we call this season Autumn and where I live we see very little of it due to the temperate sub-tropical climate however my in-laws have a Japanese Maple in their large back yard. In our neck of the woods, we do get temperatures low enough in Autumn and Winter to see the change of colour on some trees. When I read the topic for the challenge this week, I remembered a photo shoot that I did with my little girl when she was three and rummaged through my digital files (and box of photos) until I found this one.
It was taken with a little Fuji point and shoot camera. I have edited it in photoshop.
2005_0528Image0024So, Happy Monday everyone!
Here’s to a great week.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Challenge and other random ramblings…..

  1. I had no idea what a Galah was until I googled it What a pretty bird- pink and grey – how was your galah hurt? Doesn’t it upset his parents when he is touched by humans?

    Sounds like your life is very busy this week Suz. i hope all goes well and you enjoy.

    Neat post – very chatty and I like that.


    1. The galah is pretty. It appears that this little one’s flight feathers aren’t fully developed yet and he is still not weaned onto seed so he still needs to be fed by his parents. He has never been directly touched by humans. Our neighbour wears gloves (those birds can bite hard) and when he takes it from the tree it comes down perched on his broom.
      A lot of galahs can be hand reared and this one is enjoying the best of both worlds lol

      Glad you enjoyed my post. 🙂


  2. I love this post with the warmth of all your doings. But I find I am mostly entertaining interesting thoughts about the time difference. How concrete it seems to me that this is Sunday evening. Of course it’s Sunday evening. But not for you. Even what seems so solid to us is often relative. Just as the fact that next week at this time, it won’t be this time — i.e. 5:53 p.m., but rather 4:53 p.m. A metaphor for life?

    I am reminded of the words from the hymn, “A thousand ages in thy sight are but an evening gone.”


  3. I had never heard of a galah, so looked it up. How pretty and how sweet of you all to take care of it. Also, I love the photo. It makes me want to go play in the leaves that are blanketed over our yard right now.


  4. So enjoy these posts of yours Sue… wishing you well with all that is going on.
    How nice of you all to help the little galah… they are gorgeous birds.
    Have a wonderful Monday and week ahead 🙂 xx


  5. I got dizzy just reading about your busy life Sue, so much going on all the time, you certainly dont get time to be bored, hope your Monday was great and fruitful all round.


    1. Rain? Please send rain.
      We have watched storms going around us for the past few days but none come close. Unfortunately (from what I’ve heard) they are dry storms so no relief contained within.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I hope the galah survives but, if it does, you might find it trying to get into your house at night. The photo of your daughter is lovely. Normally we have very colourful autumn leaves but this year they’ve been very subdued because we’ve had such a mild autumn.


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