Is this a sign of creativity?

I am many days behind in my reading but found this blog post by Doobster over at Mindful Digressions that made me immediately think “Oooh, I should blog about that too”. Doob’s post was in response to the Daily Prompt however mine is in response to his post 😉
According to Doobster (and the American Psychologist’s Society) a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind.
I take heart that this is the case rather than laziness on my part in keeping my various work spaces clear of detritus. Continue reading

Monday Smiles – Television ads (again)

Many times, television commercials just get it plain wrong. I must admit that I really can’t stand the ads that show the perfect family enjoying unrealistic ‘quality time’ and smiling at things you just know you would pull your hair out over.
I prefer the ads that make me laugh or smile although I must admit that I have certainly enjoyed a lot of laughs with the Garden Gnome as we make fun of the unrealistic ads. Continue reading

Why I blog….

A few days ago I read a blog post discussing the reasons that people blog. The main point that I took from the post was the poster likening blogging to Facebook and accusing those who blog of showing narcissism through their choice of what they post about.
Whilst I understand this person’s reasons for blogging are to raise awareness of issues in the world, I believe that they overlooked the fact that by highlighting these issues, they were in fact  highlighting their PERSONAL opinions of these issues thereby negating their argument. However, it is that person’s right to blog about whatever they wish – just as it my right to blog about whatever I wish to also. Continue reading

Through my Lens – Sunday morning on Sydney Harbour

This post is a continuation of our holiday in July (and my last Through my Lens post).

Once we had found accommodation in Sydney (I will refrain from entertaining you with the details of THAT little episode) we sat on the bed in our room and discussed what we would do the following day.
The Tween and the Garden Gnome wanted to visit Bondi Beach. I didn’t really mind either way and was researching information on my phone about getting there. Our concierge (who was in the room making up a bed for the Tween) commented “Don’t even think about driving. Sundays are woeful for traffic”.
She suggested that we catch a bus to the Manly wharf and then a ferry into the city and a further bus to Bondi Beach.
We’re always up for an adventure, so we decided that this sounded the better option (and far less stressful for the GG’s navigator 😉 ). Continue reading

The Power of a Smile

I was just looking at my stats and once again this week, my most popular post was the one where I challenged everyone to smile.
Smiling is such a simple thing to do and it can change not only the way that your face looks but the whole of the world around you.
Nobody can walk past a smiling person without smiling back or feeling uplifted. Continue reading

Memories of the past

I confess that I am still reading “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. I find that I cannot read too much of it at once, so a page or two at a time must suffice.
In this book, Frankl describes his experiences in concentration camps in such a matter of fact and clinical way that I sometimes need to reread paragraphs in order to fully understand what it was that he has just said and allow the words to penetrate my mind and soul.
I am not a visual learner but when I am reading, I tend to visualise things in my head and I must say that the images invoked by Frankl’s words are extremely disturbing. Continue reading

I’m so happy – a post for the feminine side

I figured that after the testosterone fuelled photos of the V8 Superboats yesterday, I might share a little yin to that yang.
I mentioned a few posts ago that I finally had a flower on my Arum Lily plant after two or three years. Well, I discovered not one – but two flowers!! I was over the moon and subsequently photographed them both.

Then I noticed that my tulips had managed to produce ONE flower out of the dozen or so bulbs planted. So that was photographed also. Continue reading

Monochrome Madness – Time for Tea

I have discovered that not everything converts well to monochrome. I spent some time the other day converting photos to black and white and discovered that some photos that I thought would look great didn’t and others that were borderline looked wonderful with some tweaks.

For this week’s Monochrome Madness challenge on Leanne Cole’s blog, I chose a photo that I took at the Teacup and Tea Pot display in Toowoomba  a couple of weeks ago. Continue reading