I’m so happy – a post for the feminine side

I figured that after the testosterone fuelled photos of the V8 Superboats yesterday, I might share a little yin to that yang.
I mentioned a few posts ago that I finally had a flower on my Arum Lily plant after two or three years. Well, I discovered not one – but two flowers!! I was over the moon and subsequently photographed them both.

Then I noticed that my tulips had managed to produce ONE flower out of the dozen or so bulbs planted. So that was photographed also. Continue reading

Monochrome Madness – Time for Tea

I have discovered that not everything converts well to monochrome. I spent some time the other day converting photos to black and white and discovered that some photos that I thought would look great didn’t and others that were borderline looked wonderful with some tweaks.

For this week’s Monochrome Madness challenge on Leanne Cole’s blog, I chose a photo that I took at the Teacup and Tea Pot display in Toowoomba¬† a couple of weeks ago. Continue reading

The limitations of motherhood

Whilst sipping on our drinks purchased after yesterday’s school band concert at another school, the Tween and I were discussing different things.
I remember saying to her “Some days it is the hardest thing in the world to be a mother”. She replied “Well why did you do it”?
I believe my answer was “Because I wanted you all”. (I then went on and said some other things but for the purposes of this story, that one line is the most important).
I guess I didn’t realise when I pictured myself holding a tiny baby in my arms and showering it with kisses that babies grow up and that growing up brings a whole new set of issues to deal with. To be honest, I don’t believe any mother thinks much beyond the baby and early childhood years when thinking about having a baby and there certainly aren’t too many books aimed at parents that urge them to think about this either. Continue reading

Where does time go? And other questions!

Did you know there are only 72 days until Christmas?
I know right?
What has happened to the year?
Come to think of it, what happened to the weekend?

I don’t think I’m coping with just how quickly time seems to get away from me right now. I wake up each morning with grand plans for the day and then the day just goes. I haven’t quite worked out exactly where it goes though. Continue reading