Saying Goodbye

How do you say goodbye
when you never said hello?
he asked

How do you love someone
and then have to let them go?
she cried

It’s all good
I replied
Well, it’s not good but you know
what I mean
I grimaced (and you smiled)
before continuing

I don’t have the answers
I can’t heal your pain
But I can hold you in my arms
as your tears fall like rain

I can wipe your eyes
I can smooth your hair
I can hold you close to my heart
When the pain is too much to bear

I can feel the tears well in my eyes
and trickle down my cheeks
I know your pain
I feel your grief
I share your disbelief

But we are strong
You and I
We shall overcome
The sun will shine
The moon will rise
And we all shall grieve as one

I wish I could take away the pain
I wish I could turn back time
But she is gone
And we are left
There is no reason nor rhyme

My words will not heal the pain
My love can only do so much
The days are long and weary
And life is very tough

But tomorrow always comes around
And with it comes the dawn
I’ve had to learn
(and now you do too)
That this thing called Life – goes on



43 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Suz, this is lovely and so well-put. To be able to share your grief with others who understand is a gift and a blessing for those willing to do so. I still grieve, and cry, despite the lack of understanding. Thank you for letting me in.

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  2. I consider you a good friend , getting to knowing you through here, your highs and lows. Sending you my love . Hope it gives you strength the battle the hard path you are walking until it guides you to a place where joy can blot the grief to a just a smudge in your happiness xxx


        1. I will. Thank you.
          I feel that I am being selfish when my son and DIL are suffering more however I am spending time doing things to keep my mind off it.
          Today we are off to an old Holden Run. Last year they had almost 200 cars turn out and this year they are expecting more. Should be lots of photo opportunities. 🙂


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